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Local League activities and issues in the media.

Local League Activities

Media reports on League activities and events

10/16/16 Journal and Courier Letter to the Editor - A chance to meet candidates in Greater Lafayette races
10/16/16 Journal and Courier Letter to the Editor - Why won't Rokita accept League's forum invitation?
10/13/16 Journal and Courier Letters to the Editor - Explain what's happening in voter registration

10/04/16 Journal and Courier Letter to the Editor - A good forum for Indiana House District 26 candidates
09/25/16 Journal and Courier New redistricting system taking shape
09/25/16 Journal and Courier Free film showing of `Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic'
09/20/16 Journal and Courier-Guest column District 26 candidates invite public to forum
08/22/16 Journal and Courier Cities call for change in Indiana Redistricting
08/21/16 Daily Progress Cities call for change in Indiana Redistricting
05/15/16 Journal and Courier Letter - Better way to redistrict legislative boundaries needed
05/03/16 Journal and Courier Online Jeff High School students flood polls at fairgrounds - First-time voters cast ballots to make their voices heard
04/16/16 Journal and Courier Forum set on district revisions
04/05/16 Journal and Courier Letter: Early voting has started; now up to you to cast a ballot
03/09/16 Journal and Courier Online Gerrymandering? Nothing to see here
03/08/16 Purdue Exponent City Council supports resolution to change redistricting
03/04/16 Purdue Exponent League looks to stop gerrymandering
03/01/16 Journal and Courier Super Tuesday Political - Policy junkies gather to watch election results at Purdue

09/27/15 Journal and Courier Professor discusses power of Latino voters
09/24/15 Journal and Courier Saluting a suffragette
09/23/15 Purdue Exponent League of Women Voters celebrates anniversary
08/24/15 Common Cause news release Citizens Rally to Tame the Gerrymander, Call for Redistricting Reform in Indiana
07/04/15 Journal and Courier Commit this Independence Day to updating voter registration
04/27/15 Journal and Courier Groups aim to recruit minority, young voters
03/14/15 Journal and Courier Letters to the Editor - Attend a public meeting, it is your Sunshine Week right
02/24/15 Journal and Courier Happy 95th anniversary to LWV - Letter to the Editor - Patsy Hoyer

10/23/14 Journal and Courier Candidates give their views at forum
10/22/14 Journal and Courier Letters to the Editor - Another source to compare candidates before election
09/12/14 Journal and Courier Thank you letter for LWVGL at the Naturalization Ceremony
08/15/14 WCLJ TV 42 - LWVIN President Amy Miller on Joy in Our Town
04/22/14 Journal and Courier Letters to the Editor - League reminder: An election resource before you vote
04/14/14 Journal and Courier Website gives extra access to candidates - Voters can learn more about the election process, representatives through league project
04/13/14 Journal and Courier Dire shortage of area psychiatrists leaves patients waiting months for help
03/22/14 Journal and Courier League of Women Voters, LUM urge voters to register
03/15/14 Journal and Courier Groups urge voters to register
02/08/14 WLFI Alting to vote against HJR-3, senate likely to pass it
02/08/14 WLFI Hot topics brought up at League of Women Voters breakfast
01/22/14 WFYI TV LWV of Greater Lafayette and LUM team up for voter registration

04/05/13 Journal and Courier Diversity Roundtable set for April 11
03/23/13 Journal and Courier Hundreds at Purdue honor women's march
03/19/13 Journal&Courier Diversity Roundtable Summit VI
03/14/13 Indianapolis Start Abortion bill won't make women safer
02/26/13 Journal&Courier Printing services appreciated
02/25/13 Journal&Courier Letter to Editor: Historic voting rights protections at risk
02/13/13 Journal&Courier Abortion Clinic definition questioned

10/28/12 Journal&Courier Be An Informed Voter - letter to editor
10/26/12 Journal&Courier League Ad
10/23/12 The Exponent Congressional candidates face off on campus
10/23/12 Journal&Courier Clear division among 4th congressional candidates
10/10/12 Journal&Courier Voting makes you a citizen - letter to editor
09/26/12 Journal&Courier Voter registration drive finds takers on campus
09/25/12 The Exponent Voter Registration Day takes place in Stewart
09/25-26/12 The Exponent Five Steps To Election Day advertisements
09/26/12 The Exponent Voter registration booth reopens today in Stewart
09/14/12 Journal&Courier Citizens better informed on the 'ins and outs' of voting after forum
09/06/12 Journal&Courier Forum airs Statehouse issues
09/05/12 Journal&Courier Candidate forum announcement
09/03/12 Journal&Courier Legislative forum set
06/09/12 Journal&Courier Gang talk combats 'losing the streets'
03/08/12 Journal&Courier League to sponsor brown bag luncheon
02/20/12 Journal&Courier League works to get people out and voting
02/14/12 Journal&Courier Guest Column - No rest on league's birthday
02/12/12 Journal&Courier, p. B7 Right to work on menu at legislative breakfast

11/30/11 Journal&Courier League selling local event calendars
10/07/11 Journal&Courier, p. C8 WL candidates, constituents chat about issues
10/06/11 Journal&Courier, pp. B1,B4 Candidates mostly talk among themselves at 'meet and greet'
10/05/11 Journal&Courier, p. B1 Voters invited to meet municipal candidates
10/03/11 Journal&Courier, p. A6 Candidates, voters set to interact this week
10/02/11 Journal&Courier, pp. A1,A6 West Side finances a key issue in race for mayor
09/15/11 Journal&Courier, pp. A1,A6 75 watch Polles, Dennis jab in WL
09/14/11 Journal&Courier, p. A7 Live, Tonight from the WL Mayoral Forum
04/13/11 Journal&Courier, p. B3 Citizens critique district maps
03/28/11 Journal&Courier Guest Column, p. A9 Districts should share interests and concerns

11/06/10 Journal&Courier, p. B1,B2 Gougar's suffrage court battle comes to life for students
10/21/10 Journal&Courier, p. A7 Voters should consider all the points of property tax caps

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Local League Issues

Media reports of issues related to League positions

04/30/17 Journal and Courier I am an American We are One Nation - War Survivor Brings Kids Together
04/23/17 Journal and Courier I am an American We are One Nation - Art Helps Bring People Together
04/19/17 Economic Policy Institute How President Trump and congressional Republicans are undercutting wages and protections for working people
04/18/17 Journal and Courier Will state require voucher schools to report finances?
04/17/17 Journal and Courier I am an American We Are One Nation - To Get Results Get People Talking
04/14/17 Kokomo Tribute Confusion reigns over Indiana abortion legislation
04/10/17 Journal and Courier I am an American We Are One Nation - DJ Has A Spin On Being An American
04/05/17 Journal and Courier Parental notification on abortions advances
04/05/17 Journal and Courier YMCA joint-use facility underway
04/04/17 Journal and Courier Federal judge throws out state's abortion ultrasound requirement
03/27/17 Journal and Courier I am an American We are One Nation - Liz Joyner Finds Unity In Diversity
03/20/17 USA Today I am an American We are One Nation - Ad Exec Giving Back to Community
03/16/17 New York Times Canadians Fear Trump's Budget Will Devastate Great Lakes
03/13/17 USA Today I am an American We are One Nation - Using Art To Foster Social Change
03/12/17 The Vermillion (LA) Future voter ID laws show no clear danger to accessibility
03/09/17 Journal and Courier Striking For Women's Rights
03/06/17 Journal and Courier Online West Lafayette just shy of a sanctuary city
03/06/17 USA Today I am an American We are One Nation- Launching a Push for Acceptance
03/01/17 Journal and Courier WL mulls becoming a refuge for immigrants
03/01/17 USA Today Plight of Women in 2017
02/27/17 Journal and Courier I am an American - We are One Nation - Heart-Shaped Glasses Show Love
02/24/17 Journal and Courier Tippecanoe County faces critical shortages in mental health care
2/24/17 Journal and Courier Planned Parenthood's allies fight back - Reproductive rights advocates urge continued federal funding
02/20/17 Journal and Courier I am an American - We are One Nation - Coroner Battles Heroin Epidemic
02/20/17 Journal and Courier Redistricting changes unlikely
02/19/17 Journal and Courier Lawmakers rely on anecdotal evidence on abortion bill
02/17/17 Journal and Courier A Day Without Immigrants - Businesses close in show of solidarity
02/17/17 Journal and Courier Student conference topic: Empowerment
02/13/17 Journal and Courier I am an American - We are One Nation - Boxing Club Can spread The 'Love'
02/06/17 USA Today-I am an American-We are One Nation - Building Bridges With Networking
02/05/17 Journal and Courier Are Indiana kids ready for kindergarten?
02/03/17 Brennan Center for Justice Voting Laws Roundup 2017
02/02/17 Journal and Courier MDwise to pull out of Medicaid program in Ind.
02/02/17 Journal and Courier State Republicans warn of health repeal fallout
02/02/17 Journal and Courier Supreme Court blocks districts based on race
01/30/17 USA Today I am an American-We are One Nation - Seeking Equality Using Dialogue
01/20/17 NWI News Why do so many babies die in Indiana?
01/16/17 USA Today I am an American-We are One Nation - Building Communities Through Art
01/01/17 Economic Policy Inst How would repealing the Affordable Care Act affect health care and jobs in your state?
01/01/17 Inst for Women's Policy Research Number of College Students with Children Increased by 30% Since 2004
01/30/17 Free Inquiry magazine The Pearl-Harboring of American Public Education
01/13/17 The Week magazine The battle over voter ID
01/09/17 USA Today Lighting a Candle in the Darkness
01/01/17 USA Today Teaching Our Kids Civil Discourse

12/22/16 4 ways you as a white person can reduce your complicity in white supremacy
12/21/16 IN Institute for Working Families Did You Know that Head Start Programs in Indiana.?
12/19/16 New York Times All This Talk of Voter Fraud? Across U.S., Officials Found Next to None
12/07/16 The Atlantic How to Kill the Middle Class
12/07/16 New York Times Editorial: Protecting Reproductive Rights Under Donald Trump
12/03/16 New York Times Editorial: Where Unfair Voting Practices Begin
12/01/16 Brennan Center When Redistricting Goes Unchecked
11/19/16 The Republic-Columbus, IN The silent minority needs to be heard in Indiana
11/13/16 Tribune Star-Terre Haute, IN Editorial: Civic engagement suffered during ugly election season
11/11/16 The Republic-Ensuring fairness, right to vote important
11/01/16 IN Inst for Working Families Five Reasons Why Head Start Should be Front and Center in Indiana's Conversations about Pre-K Expansion
10/20/16 CBS TV Ch 13 Indianapolis Indiana anti-abortion counseling program stalled after inappropriate billing discovered
10/07/16 Washington Post Group accuses Mike Pence of voter suppression after state police raid registration program in Indiana
10/07/16 Associated Press Some Answers About Indiana's Voter Registration Probe
10/03/16 VOX States are using welfare money to fund anti-abortion propaganda
10/01/16 Journal and Courier Students put a bug in lawmakers' ears - Cumberland kids petition to make firefly the state insect
09/29/16 Evansville Courier and Press Editorial: Integrity at the ballot box
09/27/16 Metro Weekly Voter ID laws could prevent 34,000 trans people from voting
09/20/16 Journal and Courier Tippecanoe County OKs gender ID protections
09/20/16 Tribune Start-Terre Haute Hoosiers to vote on hunting rights this fall - Right to Hunt and Fish amendment on ballot
09/21/16 Journal and Courier-Guest column Fellow citizens, welcome to this journey for the American dream
09/19/16 Time Magazine-editorial White House Wants K-12 Schools to Address Sexual Assault
09/17/16 Journal and Courier ISP Investigate Voter Registration Fraud
09/17/16 Journal and Courier Local immigrant volunteer becomes citizen herself
08/24/16 Journal and Courier 3 debates set for governor hopefuls
08/23/16 Journal and Courier Privatizing education is an injustice that needs to stop
08/23/16 Salon - Republicans Voter Fraud false flag
07/23/16 Journal and Courier Indiana court overturns woman's feticide conviction
07/21/16 Journal and Courier Clinic is not among closures - Local Planned Parenthood untouched by changes
07/19/16 Journal and Courier Putting a price on state's private school vouchers
7/13/16 Brennan Center for Justice Major Voting Litigation That Could Impact Voting Access
07/07/16 LA Times Op-Ed - Abortion isn't an outlier medical procedure, it's a constitutional right
06/30/16 ACLU News release - VICTORY! Federal Judge Blocks State's Anti-Abortion Measure
05/23/16 Tribune Star Editorial: Say yes to voting center
05/20/16 USAToday Okla. lawmakers pass bill to make abortion a felony
05/15/16 Journal and Courier Letter - Setting the record straight on child nutrition legislation
05/12/16 Journal and Courier Guest column: What goes into conducting an election
05/10/16 Herald Bulletin Editorial: Ballots should promote voting
05/06/16 Journal and Courier Voters cry foul over treatment: Some in line before 6 p.m. cut-off turned away
05/06/16 Goshen News Editorial: OUR VIEW: 34.5 percent voter turnout is not nearly good enough
05/05/16 Porter County Times Editorial: Region voter turnout looking up, still much room for improvement 05/05/16 electionlineWeekly Indiana Primary Roundup
05/04/16 NWI Times 38% voted in Indiana primary election
05/03/16 PennLive Op-Ed: Restoring voting rights to felons is the right thing to do
05/03/16 Brennan Center for Justice Voting Law Challenges Head to Court
05/03/16 Journal and Courier Online Letter - Those voter fraud claims they make are fraudulent
05/02/16 Albert Lea League of Women Voters Minnesota launches Your Vote Your Voice website
04/23/16 Journal and Courier Interest continues in early voting in Tippecanoe Co.
04/20/16 State pays ACLU over $1.4M under Pence
04/06/16 Indiana Community Action Association Investing in child care would save Hoosier families $3,201 a year
04/04/16 New York Times Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to `One Person One Vote'
04/01/16 Washington Post Indiana's new abortion law won't save babies. It will only make my patients suffer.
01/16/16 Economic Policy Institute Facts and resources on Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association
03/24/16 Indianapolis Star Hoosiers' income still lags
03/07/16 Indianapolis Star 'Anti-discrimination' bill for abortions?
03/06/16 New York Times The Return of the D.I.Y. Abortion
03/05/16 New York Times A Judge's Message to the Xenophobes
02/28/16 Journal and Courier Why should young women run for office?
02/26/16 U.S. Dept. of Labor Blog Black Women in the Labor Force
02/22/16 Purdue University Super Tuesday watch party to feature Mitch Daniels and PBS's Alexander Heffner
02/18/16 Economic Policy Institute White workers have nearly five times as much wealth in retirement accounts as black workers
02/18/16 New York Times Racial Gerrymandering in North Carolina
02/17/16 Politico Scalia's absence could shape election rules
02/13/16 WKRG-TV Kansas Alabama and Other States Named in Voter ID Lawsuit
02/07/16 Journal and Courier Online Domestic shootings turn deadly in Indiana
02/07/16 Journal and Courier Online Getting the Snapchat generation to the polls
02/07/16 Millennials want it quick and affordable - Generation has the leverage to improve customer service
02/03/16 New York Times The Conservative Case for Campaign-Finance Reform
02/01/16 New York Times Closing Arguments Given in Key Voter Rights Trial
09/07/14 Washington Post 7 papers, 4 government inquiries, 2 news investigations and 1 court ruling proving voter fraud is mostly a myth
01/26/15 Herald Times Bloomington Officials question election legislation
01/26/16 Journal and Courier Online Local kids make case for state insect
01/25/16 Journal and Courier Cumberland kids to advocate for firefly
01/24/16 arstechnica New study sheds light on what happens to women who are denied abortions
01/23/16 Indianapolis Start Bill could help increase voter turnout
01/11/16 South Bend Tribune Indiana Opinion: Unrepresentative
01/08/16 Journal and Courier A primer on LGBT bills in Indiana legislature
01/08/16 Journal and Courier Online Lawmaker: Get government out of marriage altogether

12/29/15 Journal and Courier 10 Indiana court cases to watch in 2016
12/19/15 New York Times Sunday Review The reproductive rights rollback of 2015
12/16/15 Slate Abortion rights: The year the unthinkable became normal
12/17/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: The new attack on Hispanic voting rights
12/11/15 Denver Post Opinion-Lamm: Who is really 'pro-life' anyway?
12/11/15 WFYI During Summer, Indiana Uses Entire Volume Of Wabash River
12/10/15 Journal and Courier New drug can cure Hep C but state won't pay for it
12/07/15 Journal and Courier Part-time lawmakers, full time pay?
12/07/15 Indianapolis Star 'One person, one vote' case could upend politics
12/02/15 Mother Jones Who's Behind the Ghost Companies Funding Jeb Bush's Super-PAC?
12/01/15 Economic Policy Institute Women's Economic Agenda - 12 policies to maximize women's economic security
12/01/15 Indiana Daily Student Column: A defense of voter ID laws
11/30/15 Elkhart Many low income families turned down for pre-K pilot program due to lack of funding
11/21/15 Muncie Star Press Walker/Roysdon: Cost of democracy was $84,000
11/18/15 Pittsburgh Post Gazette Nonpartisan coalition calls for more voter access
11/15/15 Journal and Courier Federal review: IOSHA understaffed, missing potentially deadly hazards
11/15/15 Journal and Courier Contract calls for anti-abortion group to line up counseling
11/14/15 Journal and Courier Few voters recast new ballots - WL outcomes remain unchanged, though some races narrow
11/11/15 Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne) Details of pregnancy center contract released
11/09/15 Journal and Courier Indiana program to get offenders treatment
11/09/15 Journal and Courier Infant mortality remains issue
11/09/15 Journal and Courier Workplace Safety - Feds chide state - Pence defends IOSHA's efforts
10/29/15 Brennan Center Money Flooding State Court Elections Threatens the Promise of Equal Justice
10/28/15 Journal and Courier Lawmaker: Panel couldn't reach consensus on drug legislation
10/26/15 Indianapolis Star Ballot selfies unlikely to corrupt democracy
10/26/15 Journal and Courier Big plans for upgraded Amtrak line
10/22/15 Indianapolis Recorder Poll workers 'vital' to successful Election Day
10/14/15 Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette Editorial: Pence's pregnancy services contract bad policy
10/13/15 Journal and Courier Anti-abortion group gets $3.5M contract from state
10/11/15 Journal and Courier Planned Parenthood plays large role
10/10/15 New York Times The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election
10/08/15 New York Times Alabama Puts Up More Hurdles for Voters
10/07/15 Brennan Center for Justice Closing Driver's License Offices in Alabama
10/04/15 Journal and Courier Equipment problems plague state train
09/27/15 Journal and Courier Indiana's drinking water infrastructure needs upgrade
09/20/15 South Bend Tribune Our Opinion: A bad debate on voting changes in St. Joseph County
08/26/15 Twin Cities Pioneer Post SOS Simon sides with court: no need for 'ballot selfie' ban
08/25/15 NY Times Waukesha Plan for Lake Michigan Water Raises Worries
08/25/15 NY Times Abortion and Down Syndrome - Opinion
08/24/15 NY Times Selfies in Voting Booths Raise Legal Questions on Speech and Secrecy
08/20/15 Indianapolis Star Study: Child sexual assault `far too common' in Indiana
08/17/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: This looks like a national tragedy
08/14/15 Ft. Wayne News Sentinel Legislators win the right to keep their email correspondence private
08/12/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: Nine years ago Republicans favored voting rights. What happened?
08/06/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: The speech that defined the fight for voting rights in Congress
08/01/15 Goshen Times Indiana's historic low voter turnout demonstrates need for reform
08/01/15 Journal and Courier Rail service between Indianapolis, Chicago hangs on one last step
07/31/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: Why Republicans should worry about restrictive voting laws
07/29/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: A dream undone
07/21/15 Journal and Courier Firearms allowed at Guard armory - Pence's executive order gives licensed service members right to carry
07/21/15 Journal and Courier Annual report: State ranked 32nd in child well-being
07/17/15 Journal and Courier At least 148 rape kits not tested - Local police say they don't see urgency to test every kit
07/17/15 Journal and Courier State ends fiscal year with $210M surplus
07/13/15 Journal and Courier New law restricts cell phone use while driving for those under 21 years of age
07/12/15 Journal and Courier Code would regulate appearance of New Chauncey
07/12/15 Journal and Courier Guest column: Gov. Pence, climate change and cheating social justice
07/11/15 Journal and Courier SEWER STRATEGY Long-term system upgrades will reduce overflows, phosphorous
07/09/15 Journal and Courier YWCA breaks ground on shelter
07/07/15 NY Times Doctors' Notes for Pregnant Employees Can Backfire, Experts Warn
07/07/15 Chicago Tribune Porter County stuck with voting system anyone can hack
07/03/15 Journal and Courier Election district snafu in Dayton causes scramble
07/03/15 Journal and Courier `Pace of job creation' cuts short PR effort
07/01/15 Journal and Courier 6 laws that go into effect July 1
07/01/15 Journal and Courier Guest Column: Myth-busting Indiana's voucher system by Rocky Killion
July/Aug/2015 InContext-Indiana Business Research Center Indiana's Coal Mining Industry
06/26/15 Journal and Courier Subsidies Upheld - Supreme Court vote preserves tax credits for more than 180K in Indiana
06/26/15 Journal and Courier Hoosiers would struggle without federal funds
06/16/15 Indianapolis Start Report: Cost of school vouchers jumps from $16M to $40M
06/04/15 RTV6-ABC Jury selection 101: How jurors are chosen for Indiana criminal trials
06/01/15 The best health care system in the world? Nonsense!
05/31/15 Journal and Courier The precarious existence of the working poor - More than 40% of families here are just one crisis away from catastrophe
05/30/15 Northwest Indiana Times - Lake election law set for Indiana Supreme Court review
05/30/15 WANE TV - Ballot mix-ups in Woodburn prompt special election
05/26/15 New York Times - Supreme Court Agrees to Settle Meaning of `One Person One Vote'
05/24/15 Journal and Courier RFRA's impact here more than just dollars
05/13/15 Tribune Star-Terre Haute Other view: We should change voting process
05/12/15 Bloomington Herald-Times New pregnancy center promises to respect all options
05/08/15 Ft. Wayne News Sentinel Is it time to look at the primary election process?
05/07/15 Journal and Courier That primary cost $14.72 per vote
05/07/15 Journal and Courier State test shows racial preference in rental housing in Tippecanoe, surrounding counties
04/30/15 Journal and Courier Staffing spring primary - The most boring job in Lafayette
04/29/15 Insurers ignore ObamaCare birth control rule
04/23/15 Chalkbeat Indiana superintendents rail against proposed school funding changes
04/07/15 Journal and Courier County announces poll locations
04/07/15 Journal and Courier State, feds reach an understanding on Hoosier State train
04/07/15 Journal and Courier Tippecanoe Circuit Court judge wins $10K grant
03/25/15 Journal and Courier 'Religious Freedom' fallout
03/24/15 Journal and Courier Ind. House approves controversial religious freedom bill
03/23/15 Miami Herald Justices turn away challenge to Wisconsin voter ID law
03/15/15 Journal and Courier Hoosier line gets 30-day extension - Railroad Administration to reconsider its position to end the passenger line
03/07/15 Journal and Courier Amtrak service will end April 1 Federal regulations prompt state to shut rail service to Chicago
03/07/15 Journal and Courier Mayors ask Supreme Court to support gay marriage
02/28/15 Evansville Courier and Press Lawmakers try to tighten abortion restrictions
02/25/15 Waco Tribune Herald-Texas EDITORIAL: Villalba bill on straight-ticket voting great idea, but why just some counties?
02/28/15 Journal and Courier Guest column: Just discrimination dressed as religion
02/28/15 Journal and Courier Citywide bike path planned - Hundreds of paths are being considered for the proposed network
02/22/15 Blog-Sheila Kennedy Civic Health of Indiana
02/10/15 Journal and Courier Board OKs keeping the name Oakland for elementary school
02/10/15 Journal and Courier RUNNING ON FUMES - CityBus asks riders to lobby legislators for funding increase
02/10/15 Journal and Courier LUM's immigrant clinic now open longer - Expanded hours to continue until April 22
02/09/15 Journal and Courier More Hoosiers signing up for health insurance through federal exchange
02/09/15 Journal and Courier Three Purdue students run for WL City Council
02/03/15 Journal and Courier Senate panel revises bill targeting livestock limits
02/03/15 Indianapolis Star Indiana Senate Bill 127 would allow hiring based on religion - Public contractors with religious affiliations could legally discriminate
01/31/15 Journal and Courier Amtrak contract extended again for Hoosier State - State has 2 months to find long-term solution for rail line
01/31/15 Journal and Courier Candidates so far in municipal elections
01/31/15 Journal and Courier Goodwill, IU Health bringing nurse program to Tippecanoe, White counties - Home visits aim to aid low-income mothers, reduce infant mortality
01/31/15 Journal and Courier Race influences infant survival - Black babies are 7 times more likely to die in Tippecanoe, surrounding counties
01/30/15 Bloomington Herald Times Feds forced changes in Pence's HIP 2.0 plan
01/26/15 Journal and Courlier Common Cause Indiana: Take Politicians Out Of Redistricting
01/15/15 Journal and Courier Truitt files bill to fund Amtrak line
01/14/15 Journal and Courier Measure would ban some abortions Procedures based on physical disability or gender would be outlawed
01/12/15 Journal and Courier Revision of abortion law could happen
01/12/15 Journal and Courier RAIL LINE FINDS SOME FRIENDS - West Virginia group throws support behind Hoosier State
01/11/15 Journal and Courier 5 things to know about Pence's budget proposal
01/11/15 Journal and Courier Hogs, land use and local control
01/10/15 Journal and Courier GOP nixes separate charter school, voucher funding - Democrats in legislature wanted specific items listed in state budget
01/09/15 Journal and Courier Ag chair suggests dropping local limits on mega farms
01/09/15 Journal and Courier Diversity Roundtable unveils event lineup - The group hopes to get diverse populations talking to each other
01/09/15 Journal and Courier Pence seeks more for charters - Vouchers also priority in 2-year budget plan
01/09/15 Journal and Courier Rogers Group suing county - Filing targets ordinance that keeps company from digging a quarry
01/08/15 Journal and Courier Bill would abolish death penalty in Indiana
01/08/15 Journal and Courier Lafayette abortion clinic will not close - Judge issues final ruling in Planned Parenthood lawsuit
01/08/15 Journal and Courier State Lawmakers ponder pay changes
01/04/15 Journal and Courier 6 issues to spark battles in Indiana legislature

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12/20/14 New York Times In a Break From Partisan Rancor, Ohio Moves to Make Elections More Competitive
12/09/14 Journal and Courier BSU students losing interest in teaching
12/09/14 Journal and Courier Out-of-state students on the rise at Purdue, IU
12/03/14 Indianapolis Star Hearing set on ousted politician Charlie White's appeal
12/03/14 Journal and Courier Report: Bennett investigation recommended prosecution
12/01/14 Journal and Courier Dust worries coal mine neighbors
11/28/14 Journal and Courier Fate of Indiana's Obamacare fight on hold
11/20/14 Tribune-Star Voter ID laws reduce Indiana's election turnout
11/12/14 Indianapolis Star Nobody voted less than Indiana
11/12/14 Tribune Star Indiana Ranks Last in U.S. voter turnout
11/11/14 Journal and Courier Chief Justice Rush: `I stand on Helen Gougar's shoulders'
11/07/14 News and Tribune Vote centers deliver unacceptable results
11/06/14 Lebanon Reporter County needs more vote centers
10/06/14 Journal and Courier West Lafayette council settles on new districts
10/04/14 Journal and Courier Early voting starts Tuesday
09/23/14 Journal and Courier Juvenile justice alternatives heard
09/23/14 Journal and Courier Letter to Editor: Tell federal government that clean water is a priority
08/21/14 Journal and Courier 4-month reprieve for rail line
08/21/14 Northwest Indiana Times Lake judge denies stay in right-to-work case, law is unconstitutional
08/20/14 Inside Indiana Business Hoosier Passenger Train Safe. For Now
08/20/14 Journal and Courier Indiana wants ban on abortion pill law lifted
08/20/14 Journal and Courier LUM clinic assists families in overcoming immigration hurdles
08/14/14 Journal and Courier LWVGL response to guest column by John Pickerill
08/12/14 Journal and Courier Nearly 700K on `inactive' voter list
08/12/14 Journal Review LWV Montgomery County response and other letter to the editor to guest column by John Pickerill
08/12/14 Journal Review Online column on voter ID by John Pickerill, chair of Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee
08/10/14 Journal and Courier Guest Column - Glenda Ritz - Pence's agency undermining me
08/10/14 Journal and Courier Guest Column - John Pickerill - Why Voter ID law matters, worth defending next election
07/30/14 Journal and Courier Pence: Return kids to families
07/26/14 Journal and Courier Healthy Indiana Plan signups halted for now
07/26/14 Journal and Courier Aug. 26 hearing set for same-sex marriage appeal
07/26/14 Journal and Courier 245 illegal immigrant kids in Indiana
07/25/14 Journal and Courier Mental health nonprofits merging
07/25/14 Journal and Courier Passenger rail service in trouble
07/18/14 Journal and Courier Abortions declining; meaning is mixed - Advocates say numbers come at a high price for women
07/18/14 Journal and Courier Bidder vows to improve Hoosier State rail service
07/06/14 Journal and Courier WL to review 9 tax abatements
07/05/14 Journal and Courier Official: private company offers `unique options' - Cost remains key to passenger rail service's future
06/29/14 Northwest Indiana Times Editorial: Don't bar prisoners from voting
06/22/14 Journal and Courier County finalizes pre-K plan answer
06/22/14 Journal and Courier State asking 727,000 voters to verify or update addresses
05/08/14 Journal and Courier Tippecanoe vote count moves at deliberate pace - Computers don't guarantee election results right after polls close
04/13/14 Journal and Courier Dire shortage of area psychiatrists leaves patients waiting months for help
04/05/14 Journal and Courier Global warming comment a joke? - IDEM air quality officer's remark hits a nerve or 2
04/05/14 Journal and Courier Turner, nursing home firms tied
04/02/14 Journal and Courier Activists press Rokita on climate
04/02/14 Journal and Courier Sheriff candidates stress strengths; 5 weeks to go
04/02/14 Journal and Courier Wives -- one terminally ill -- join lawsuit
03/22/14 Journal and Courier Carroll to use vote centers - County joining 17 others; is making switch to new system in time for May primary
03/18/14 Journal and Courier Tippecanoe sets voting sites for May primary
03/14/14 Journal and Courier County's election hardware certified
03/12/14 Journal and Courier County eager for state to OK its e-poll books - Delay in certification frustrates Tippecanoe clerk; software is approved, but not hardware; there's still time
02/23/14 Indianapolis Start Intrigue is rampant behind the curtain of HJR-3 debate
02/23/14 Journal and Courier Pence still seeks his Medicaid expansion
01/31/14 Journal and Courier Secretary of state elections targeted
01/31/14 Journal and Courier Senate rules committee gets HJR-3
01/31/14 Journal and Courier STATEHOUSE BRIEFS
01/31/14 Journal and Courier Stone quarry permit OK'd - Department of Natural Resources approves request for Rogers Group Inc.
01/30/14 Journal and Courier Abortion coercion worries senators
01/30/14 Journal and Courier Unlicensed day cares target of bill - Legislators eye improvement of safety standards
01/29/14 Journal and Courier Abortion law trial set for June '15 - New requirements affect only the Lafayette clinic
01/29/14 Journal and Courier HJR-3's Senate fate unclear House backs amended version; lobbying efforts to restore 2nd sentence start quickly
01/29/14 Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne Trimmed abortion bill goes to Indiana Senate
01/23/14 Journal and Courier HJR-3 CLEARS HOUSE PANEL - Lawmakers vote on party lines; bill may go to House floor today
01/23/14 Journal and Courier House panel backs bill for welfare drug testing
01/23/14 Journal and Courier City council member says Superior Court job next logical step
01/22/14 WFYI League of Women Voters, LUM urge voters to register
01/22/14 Wikipedia Voting Rights Act of 1965
01/22/14 Journal and Courier ABATE Wants County to ease ATV limits
01/22/14 Journal and Courier Amended `ag-gag' bill passes out of Senate committee
01/22/14 Journal and Courier Panel OKs business tax change - Hershman: Bill spurs economic growth
01/16/14 Journal and Courier APC approves ordinance modifications
01/16/14 Journal and Courier Ruling on subsidies in federal exchange may impact Indiana
01/16/14 Journal and Courier Republicans Moore, Persin ready for Superior Court 5 primary race
01/15/14 Journal and Courier County council elects Williams as president
01/15/14 Journal and Courier Zeman to challenge Donat for judgeship
01/14/14 Journal and Courier Vote delayed on adding same-sex marriage ban to the Indiana Constitution
01/11/14 Journal and Courier 10 hopefuls file for county, township seats
01/11/14 Journal and Courier Healthy Indiana Plan to cover 10,000 more low-income Hoosiers
01/05/14 Journal and Courier Freedom Indiana rally draws dozens - Opposition to HJR-6 fuels the turnout
01/05/14 Journal and Courier Local legislators ready to address hefty issues
01/04/14 Journal and Courier Tippecanoe sheriff eyes run for commissioner

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12/14/13 Journal and Courier Pence faces a $1B pickle - How can the state make up money if business tax ends?
12/12/13 Journal and Courier Indiana in bottom 10 on national health list
12/04/13 Journal and Courier 10K on Healthy Indiana in lurch - `Some real problems' ahead for Hoosiers losing state-sponsored insurance
12/04/13 Journal and Courier Local mayors oppose same-sex marriage ban
11/04/13 Inside Indiana Business News Wabash, DePauw Oppose Marriage Amendment
11/03/13 Journal and Courier Abortion law may reach top court
11/03/13 Journal and Courier The local line on Glenda Ritz
10/29/13 Journal and Courier Asian carp reproduce in Great Lakes watershed
10/29/13 Journal and Courier IU opposes ban on same-sex marriage - University says amendment runs counter to its values
10/29/13 Journal and Courier Purdue staying out of same-sex marriage ban fight
10/27/13 Journal and Courier State contracts study to assess water supply
10/27/13 Journal and Courier Forum backs Medicaid expansion
10/27/13 Journal and Courier Vermont eyes bigger health insurance goal
10/24/13 Indianapolis Start Erika D. Smith: Indiana's gay marriage fight is already settled
10/21/13 Journal and Courier Working poor highlighted in pair of studies
10/16/13 Journal and Courier Greenhouse Gas Regulations - Indiana hails high court's choices
10/16/13 Journal and Courier Hoosier State safe for a year - Pence announces funding agreement for passenger rail route
10/16/13 Journal and Courier Lafayette works to decrease chemical discharge - 22 industrial users contribute to high phosphorus levels
10/14/13 Indianapolis Star Indiana ranks 2nd in vouchers
10/14/13 Journal and Courier Forum focuses on voting rights - Panelists look at factors disenfranchising citizens
09/27/13 Journal and Courier INDOT study offers Amtrak options
09/25/13 Indianapolis Star Poll: Voters split on gay marriage ban - 2 in 3 say amendment is wrong course to take
09/25/13 Indianapolis Star Amendment is just lipstick on a pig farm
09/25/13 Indianapolis Star Zoeller sparks drug testing debate
09/25/13 Journal and Courier Health overhaul premiums unveiled
09/25/13 Journal and Courier Talks signal hope for rail line-State gets involved in Amtrak negotiations
09/20/13 Press release - LWVIN - Revised Position on Equality of Opportunity
09/18/13 Journal and Courier Marriage battle makes for odd political pairings
09/09/13 Indiana Public Media Attorney General Wants Action On Prenatal Drug Exposure
08/31/13 Journal and Courier 94 from other nations now embrace one nation
08/30/13 Journal and Courier Advocates say complicated regulations frustrate voters
08/30/13 Journal and Courier Complex, contradictory residency rules blasted
08/28/13 Election Academy Blog New Pew Internet Report Shows Prevalence of Broadband, Importance of Smartphones
08/13/13 Journal and Courier Opinion - Hospitals `fully embrace price transparency'
08/13/13 Journal and Courier Tippecanoe purges 10.4% of names from voter rolls
08/13/13 Election Academy Blog Aaron Strauss' Election Day Resource Calculator
08/08/13 Hancock County latest to adopt vote centers
08/07/13 New York Times Ruling Revives Florida Review of Voting Rolls
08/02/13 Journal and Courier Activists demand state cut BP mercury levels
08/01/13 Journal and Courier Report: Medicaid expansion will help
07/30/13 ACLU of Indiana news release Medicaid Patients Win Right to Receive Services at Planned Parenthood Clinics
07/28/13 Journal and Courier Pressure to produce meat is breeding unrest about concentrated animal operations
07/27/13 Journal and Courier Ginsburg: Voter ID laws no shock
06/28/13 Tribune Star Vigo Election Board establishes 18 vote centers
06/19/13 Journal and Courier Integrating technology, instruction focus of two-day conference for educators
06/19/13 Journal and Courier U.S. House passes sweeping bill to restrict abortion
06/19/13 Journal and Courier A Clear Need to Keep Up - Integrating technology, instruction focus of two-day conference for educators
06/11/13 Planned Parenthood Advocates of Indiana U.S. Supreme Court does not review case on PPIN as Medicaid provider
06/11/13 Journal and Courier Illinois mayor says ridership doubled after Amtrak improvements
06/11/13 Journal and Courier Feds to follow NY morning-after pill ruling
06/11/13 Journal and Courier Planned Parenthood in Ind., Ky., to merge
06/02/13 Journal and Courier Alleged child molestations in Tippecanoe County grow in number, unlike national trend
06/02/13 Journal and Courier Asian Carp-Ill. governor for split of Great Lakes, Mississippi
06/01/13 Journal and Courier Court upholds rifle-sale reporting rule
06/01/13 Journal and Courier Feds join high court in rejecting abortion law
05/31/13 Journal and Courier Analysts: Medicare costs may keep declining
05/30/13 Journal and Courier Some will need to find new health insurance
05/29/13 Journal and Courier Planned Parenthood wins one
05/16/13 Indiana Herald Bulletin State to spend $2 million to clean up voter rolls
05/12/13 Inside Indiana Business Casino Bill signed into law
05/12/13 Inside Indiana Business Review of Common Core Standards signed into law
05/12/13 Inside Indiana Business Indianapolis mayor given more financial authority
05/07/13 Journal and Courier Board addresses vote count delays
05/06/13 Journal and Courier Rail riders push for more trains
05/06/13 Journal and Courier 'Safety-net' hospitals watching health law impact
05/02/13 Journal and Courier Abortion pill rules take effect July 1
05/02/13 Journal and Courier Justice to challenge lift on age limits for morning-after pill
05/02/13 Journal and Courier Negele comfortable with abortion law
05/01/13 Journal and Courier Medicaid expansion back in Pence's hands
05/01/13 Indianapolis Star Gov. Mike Pence signs bill limiting abortion-inducing drugs
04/30/13 Journal and Courier Legislators mostly happy with session
04/28/13 Journal and Courier Leaning right, pragmatically
04/14/13 Journal and Courier Future of Indiana rail transportation hinges on Hoosier State decision
04/12/13 Journal and Courier Abortion drug bill heads to Gov. Pence
04/12/13 Journal and Courier Michigan alumna offers tips at local Diversity Summit
04/10/13 Journal and Courier Hoosier State rail line not dead yet
04/08/13 Indianapolis Star Indiana is leading fight in war on women
04/06/13 Journal and Courier Anti-abortion group satisfied with Indiana bill
04/06/13 Journal and Courier Judge approves 'morning-after pill' for all ages
04/03/13 Journal and Courier Proposal looks to arm staff at schools
04/03/13 Journal and Courier House backs tighter abortion pill rules
04/02/13 Journal and Courier Council's health insurance benefits may end
04/02/13 Journal and Courier House GOP rejects abortion pill bill changes
04/02/13 Journal and Courier Panel OKs Medicaid expansion
03/28/13 Journal and Courier Donnelly supports background checks for gun buyers
03/28/13 Journal and Courier Senate panel approves diluted voucher expansion
03/19/13 Journal&Courier County officially closes book on Wildcat Creek Solid Waste District
03/11/13 Indianapolis Star Editorial: Abortion bill goes too far
03/03/13 Journal&Courier Debate over casino revenue impacts local entities
03/03/13 Journal&Courier Golden eggs apt to shrink - New venues could siphon millions from Ind. casinos
03/03/13 Journal&Courier State rep carrying abortion drug bill: `It's not polarizing'
02/27/13 Journal&Courier Indiana Senate approves Medicaid expansion
02/27/13 Journal&Courier Tippecanoe County government unveils `friendlier' website
02/26/13 Journal&Courier Alting's amendment modifies abortion bill
02/26/13 Journal&Courier House OKs budget
02/23/13 Journal&Courier Pence to DC: Refine pending federal spending cuts
02/23/13 Journal&Courier House Democrats seek vote on Medicaid expansion
02/22/13 Journal&Courier Indiana's debate over ultrasounds the most recent in national trend
02/22/13 Journal&Courier Editorial-But is that abortion paperwork in color?
02/22/13 JournalvCourier Guest column: Medicaid expansion a must here
02/21/13 Journal&Courier Bill directly targets Lafayette clinic
02/21/13 Journal&Courier Rural teens at high risk for pregnancy, analysis finds
02/20/13 Journal&Courier $30 billion budget bill gets Ways and Means OK
02/20/13 Journal&Courier Court to hear donation limits
02/20/13 Journal&Courier GOP targets voucher oversight - Bill would reduce schools superintendent's power
02/20/13 Journal&Courier Nullification and the void
02/19/13 Journal and Courier GUEST COLUMN: Slowing school vouchers? Not quite
02/19/13 Journal and Courier School voucher expansion cut back
02/17/13 Journal and Courierl Who's up for 2014?
02/14/13 Journal and Courier Student voting bill shelved for study
02/14/13 Journal and Courier Survey: Morning-after pill grows in popularity
01/04/13 Journal and Courier Calendar bill on WL district's radar
01/04/13 Journal and Courier Vote on propsed WL stormwater fee delayed until February

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12/31/12 Journal and Courier Tweaks for the Indiana Debate Commission
12/17/12 Journal and Courier Finals day at the Electoral College
12/15/12 Journal and Courier One Year Extension of Healthy Plan gets federal OK
12/15/12 Journal and Courier Local mental health advocates worry
12/15/12 Journal and Courier West Lafayette fee reason for open houses - 2 chances to discuss storm water utility
12/14/12 Journal and Courier West Lafayette council OKs redistricting proposal
12/12/12 Journal and Courier West Lafayette council to again take up redistricting proposal
12/12/12 Journal and Courier State full day Kindergarten
12/12/12 Journal and Courier West Lafayette wastewater plant expanding capacity
12/01/12 Christian Science Monitor Judge blocks Gov. Bobby Jindal's signature school voucher program
11/22/12 Journal and Courier Court weighs voucher case
11/21/12 Journal and Courier Showdown in high court today for vouchers
11/20/2012 Journal and Courier Teachers hope Ritz will help slow school changes
11/20/2012 Journal and Courier Indiana legislators ponder health care costs
11/08/2012 Jeffersnonville News and Tribune Turnout led to big Election Day problems in Clark County
11/08/12 Journal and Courier Paper jam slowed count
11/08/12 Journal and Courier Voting line too long - letter to editor
11/07/12 Journal and Courier Voting time too long - letter to editor
11/06/12 Journal and Courier Crush of Early Voters
11/06/12 Journal and Courier Lafayette Sewer Rates
11/06/12 Journal and Courier Postage not enough for absentee ballot
11/06/12 Journal and Courier WL Redistricting
10/31/12 Journal and Courier A New Tradition in voting
10/29/12 Journal and Courier New look at voter law
10/27/12 Journal and Courier A High Tech Political Necessity
10/14/12 Journal and Courier Why Newer May Not Be Better
10/10/12 Journal&Courier Hello, are you the eligible voter of the house?
10/10/12 Journal&Courier 184 tippecanoe votes are in already
10/09/12 Journal&Courier Today is final day to register to vote
09/29/12 Journal&Courier Lawmakers look to redefine abortion clinics
09/29/12 Journal&Courier Collaboration helps cities, counties
09/18/12 Journal&Courier Voting sites set for Election Day in Tippecanoe County
09/11/12 Journal&Courier Abortion pill controversy in Lafayette
08/23/12 Christian Science Monitor Do private school vouchers help? New study offers data
08/23/12 Journal&Courier WL wastewater plant might generate even more power
07/09/12 Journal&Courier Tough ID laws could block voters
07/09/12 Journal&Courier Daniels puts Medicaid question before successor
07/09/12 Journal&Courier Ruling against Indiana upheld
07/09/12 Journal&Courier Ruling against Indiana upheld - Medicaid official says state's abortion law unacceptable
06/23/12 Journal&Courier State loans allow schools to recoup lost funds
06/09/12 Journal&Courier Officials face deadline on nepotism law
06/08/12 Journal&Courier Details of West Lafayette water rate case trickle out
06/07/12 Indianapolis Star Duke Energy must release papers on cost overruns, panel rules
06/07/12 Journal&Courier Water company gets only 1% rate increase
06/07/12 Journal&Courier Mild Changes expected in Lafayette council redistricting
05/01/12 Journal&Courier, p. B4 Lafayette-area legislatorgainsSenate clout
04/18/12 Journal&Courier Early voting begins in 1 day at centers
04/03/12 Journal&Courier New solid waste facility - open for business
04/03/12 Journal&Courier Test turns up some election equipment glitches
03/13/12 Journal&Courier County has no interim hazardous waste option
03/10/12 Journal&Courier Lawmakers handle less contentious issues.
03/09/12 Journal&Courier Smoking Ban
03/06/12 Journal&Courier Clinton, Tippecano0e split solid waste district assets
02/29/12 Journal&Courier Wildcat Creek waste site closes
02/21/12 Journal&Courier, p. B1 Tippecanoe finalizes ending joint waste district
02/14/12 Journal&Courier, p. A3 1 in 8 voter records flawed
02/09/12 Journal&Courier Measles patient at Super Bowl venue among 4 cases
02/02/12 Journal&Courier Measles case prompts warning at Purdue

12/20/11 Journal&Courier Contraception conundrum
12/20/11 Journal&Courier, pp. D1-D2 Commissioners give initial OK to new county districts
12/20/11 Journal&Courier, pp. C1,C3 Legalities argued in school voucher suit
12/14/11 Journal&Courier Tippecanoe officials make contingency waste plans
12/01/11 Journal&Courier, p. C4 Split likely for 2-county hazardous waste district
11/22/11 Journal&Courier County commissioners vote to leave solid waste district
11/19/11 Journal&Courier, pp. B1,B2 County explores options
10/13/11 Journal&Courier, p. C8 Plan to upgrade hazardous waste facility in limbo
10/11/11 Journal&Courier, pp. C1,C8 Hazardous waste shed's future is in county's hands
10/06/11 Journal&Courier, pp. A1,A8 Ruling puts names back on ballots
09/29/11 Journal&Courier, pp. A1,A8 Hoosiers voted at lower rate than nation last year
09/16/11 Journal&Courier, pp. C1,C3 Ballot law dissent grows
06/12/11 Journal&Courier, pp. A1,A6 New law gives juvenile courts more options

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