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Local League Activities

Media reports on League activities and events

09/27/15 Journal and Courier Professor discusses power of Latino voters
09/24/15 Journal and Courier Saluting a suffragette
09/23/15 Purdue Exponent League of Women Voters celebrates anniversary
08/24/15 Common Cause news release Citizens Rally to Tame the Gerrymander, Call for Redistricting Reform in Indiana
07/04/15 Journal and Courier Commit this Independence Day to updating voter registration
04/27/15 Journal and Courier Groups aim to recruit minority, young voters

Local League Issues

Media reports of issues related to League positions

01/26/15 Herald Times Bloomington Officials question election legislation
01/26/16 Journal and Courier Online Local kids make case for state insect
01/25/16 Journal and Courier Cumberland kids to advocate for firefly
01/24/16 arstechnica New study sheds light on what happens to women who are denied abortions
01/23/16 Indianapolis Start Bill could help increase voter turnout
01/11/16 South Bend Tribune Indiana Opinion: Unrepresentative
01/08/16 Journal and Courier A primer on LGBT bills in Indiana legislature
01/08/16 Journal and Courier Online Lawmaker: Get government out of marriage altogether
12/29/15 Journal and Courier 10 Indiana court cases to watch in 2016
12/19/15 New York Times Sunday Review The reproductive rights rollback of 2015
12/16/15 Slate Abortion rights: The year the unthinkable became normal
12/17/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: The new attack on Hispanic voting rights
12/11/15 Denver Post Opinion-Lamm: Who is really 'pro-life' anyway?
12/11/15 WFYI During Summer, Indiana Uses Entire Volume Of Wabash River
12/10/15 Journal and Courier New drug can cure Hep C but state won't pay for it
12/07/15 Journal and Courier Part-time lawmakers, full time pay?
12/07/15 Indianapolis Star 'One person, one vote' case could upend politics
12/02/15 Mother Jones Who's Behind the Ghost Companies Funding Jeb Bush's Super-PAC?
12/01/15 Economic Policy Institute Women's Economic Agenda - 12 policies to maximize women's economic security
12/01/15 Indiana Daily Student Column: A defense of voter ID laws
11/30/15 Elkhart Many low income families turned down for pre-K pilot program due to lack of funding
11/21/15 Muncie Star Press Walker/Roysdon: Cost of democracy was $84,000
11/18/15 Pittsburgh Post Gazette Nonpartisan coalition calls for more voter access
11/15/15 Journal and Courier Federal review: IOSHA understaffed, missing potentially deadly hazards
11/15/15 Journal and Courier Contract calls for anti-abortion group to line up counseling
11/14/15 Journal and Courier Few voters recast new ballots - WL outcomes remain unchanged, though some races narrow
11/11/15 Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne) Details of pregnancy center contract released
11/09/15 Journal and Courier Indiana program to get offenders treatment
11/09/15 Journal and Courier Infant mortality remains issue
11/09/15 Journal and Courier Workplace Safety - Feds chide state - Pence defends IOSHA's efforts
10/29/15 Brennan Center Money Flooding State Court Elections Threatens the Promise of Equal Justice
10/28/15 Journal and Courier Lawmaker: Panel couldn't reach consensus on drug legislation
10/26/15 Indianapolis Star Ballot selfies unlikely to corrupt democracy
10/26/15 Journal and Courier Big plans for upgraded Amtrak line
10/22/15 Indianapolis Recorder Poll workers 'vital' to successful Election Day
10/14/15 Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette Editorial: Pence's pregnancy services contract bad policy
10/13/15 Journal and Courier Anti-abortion group gets $3.5M contract from state
10/11/15 Journal and Courier Planned Parenthood plays large role
10/10/15 New York Times The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election
10/08/15 New York Times Alabama Puts Up More Hurdles for Voters
10/07/15 Brennan Center for Justice Closing Driver's License Offices in Alabama
10/04/15 Journal and Courier Equipment problems plague state train
09/27/15 Journal and Courier Indiana's drinking water infrastructure needs upgrade
09/20/15 South Bend Tribune Our Opinion: A bad debate on voting changes in St. Joseph County
08/17/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: This looks like a national tragedy
08/12/5 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: Nine years ago Republicans favored voting rights. What happened?
08/06/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: The speech that defined the fight for voting rights in Congress
07/31/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: Why Republicans should worry about restrictive voting laws
07/29/15 New York Times Magazine Disenfranchised: A dream undone

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