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Local League Activities

Media reports on League activities and events

09/27/15 Journal and Courier Professor discusses power of Latino voters
09/24/15 Journal and Courier Saluting a suffragette
09/23/15 Purdue Exponent League of Women Voters celebrates anniversary
08/24/15 Common Cause news release Citizens Rally to Tame the Gerrymander, Call for Redistricting Reform in Indiana
07/04/15 Journal and Courier Commit this Independence Day to updating voter registration
04/27/15 Journal and Courier Groups aim to recruit minority, young voters

Local League Issues

Media reports of issues related to League positions

10/29/15 Brennan Center Money Flooding State Court Elections Threatens the Promise of Equal Justice
10/28/15 Journal and Courier Lawmaker: Panel couldn't reach consensus on drug legislation
10/26/15 Indianapolis Star Ballot selfies unlikely to corrupt democracy
10/26/15 Journal and Courier Big plans for upgraded Amtrak line
10/22/15 Indianapolis Recorder Poll workers 'vital' to successful Election Day
10/14/15 Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette Editorial: Pence's pregnancy services contract bad policy
10/13/15 Journal and Courier Anti-abortion group gets $3.5M contract from state
10/11/15 Journal and Courier Planned Parenthood plays large role
10/10/15 New York Times The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election
10/08/15 New York Times Alabama Puts Up More Hurdles for Voters
10/07/15 Brennan Center for Justice Closing Driver's License Offices in Alabama
10/04/15 Journal and Courier Equipment problems plague state train
09/27/15 Journal and Courier Indiana's drinking water infrastructure needs upgrade
09/20/15 South Bend Tribune Our Opinion: A bad debate on voting changes in St. Joseph County
08/26/15 Twin Cities Pioneer Post SOS Simon sides with court: no need for 'ballot selfie' ban
08/25/15 NY Times Waukesha Plan for Lake Michigan Water Raises Worries
08/25/15 NY Times Abortion and Down Syndrome - Opinion
08/24/15 NY Times Selfies in Voting Booths Raise Legal Questions on Speech and Secrecy
08/20/15 Indianapolis Star Study: Child sexual assault `far too common' in Indiana
08/14/15 Ft. Wayne News Sentinel Legislators win the right to keep their email correspondence private
08/01/15 Goshen Times Indiana's historic low voter turnout demonstrates need for reform
08/01/15 Journal and Courier Rail service between Indianapolis, Chicago hangs on one last step
07/21/15 Journal and Courier Firearms allowed at Guard armory - Pence's executive order gives licensed service members right to carry
07/21/15 Journal and Courier Annual report: State ranked 32nd in child well-being
07/17/15 Journal and Courier At least 148 rape kits not tested - Local police say they don't see urgency to test every kit
07/17/15 Journal and Courier State ends fiscal year with $210M surplus
07/13/15 Journal and Courier New law restricts cell phone use while driving for those under 21 years of age
07/12/15 Journal and Courier Code would regulate appearance of New Chauncey
07/12/15 Journal and Courier Guest column: Gov. Pence, climate change and cheating social justice
07/11/15 Journal and Courier SEWER STRATEGY Long-term system upgrades will reduce overflows, phosphorous
07/09/15 Journal and Courier YWCA breaks ground on shelter
07/07/15 NY Times Doctors' Notes for Pregnant Employees Can Backfire, Experts Warn
07/07/15 Chicago Tribune Porter County stuck with voting system anyone can hack
07/03/15 Journal and Courier Election district snafu in Dayton causes scramble
07/03/15 Journal and Courier `Pace of job creation' cuts short PR effort
07/01/15 Journal and Courier 6 laws that go into effect July 1
07/01/15 Journal and Courier Guest Column: Myth-busting Indiana's voucher system by Rocky Killion
July/Aug/2015 InContext-Indiana Business Research Center Indiana's Coal Mining Industry
06/26/15 Journal and Courier Subsidies Upheld - Supreme Court vote preserves tax credits for more than 180K in Indiana
06/26/15 Journal and Courier Hoosiers would struggle without federal funds
06/16/15 Indianapolis Start Report: Cost of school vouchers jumps from $16M to $40M
06/04/15 RTV6-ABC Jury selection 101: How jurors are chosen for Indiana criminal trials
06/01/15 The best health care system in the world? Nonsense!
05/31/15 Journal and Courier The precarious existence of the working poor - More than 40% of families here are just one crisis away from catastrophe
05/30/15 Northwest Indiana Times - Lake election law set for Indiana Supreme Court review
05/30/15 WANE TV - Ballot mix-ups in Woodburn prompt special election
05/26/15 New York Times - Supreme Court Agrees to Settle Meaning of `One Person One Vote'
05/24/15 Journal and Courier RFRA's impact here more than just dollars
05/13/15 Tribune Star-Terre Haute Other view: We should change voting process
05/12/15 Bloomington Herald-Times New pregnancy center promises to respect all options
05/08/15 Ft. Wayne News Sentinel Is it time to look at the primary election process?
05/07/15 Journal and Courier That primary cost $14.72 per vote
05/07/15 Journal and Courier State test shows racial preference in rental housing in Tippecanoe, surrounding counties
04/30/15 Journal and Courier Staffing spring primary - The most boring job in Lafayette
04/29/15 Insurers ignore ObamaCare birth control rule
04/23/15 Chalkbeat Indiana superintendents rail against proposed school funding changes
04/07/15 Journal and Courier County announces poll locations
04/07/15 Journal and Courier State, feds reach an understanding on Hoosier State train
04/07/15 Journal and Courier Tippecanoe Circuit Court judge wins $10K grant

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