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10/07/16 Washington Post Group accuses Mike Pence of voter suppression after state police raid registration program in Indiana
10/07/16 Associated Press Some Answers About Indiana's Voter Registration Probe
10/03/16 VOX States are using welfare money to fund anti-abortion propaganda
10/01/16 Journal and Courier Students put a bug in lawmakers' ears - Cumberland kids petition to make firefly the state insect
09/27/16 Metro Weekly Voter ID laws could prevent 34,000 trans people from voting
09/20/16 Journal and Courier Tippecanoe County OKs gender ID protections
09/20/16 Tribune Start-Terre Haute Hoosiers to vote on hunting rights this fall - Right to Hunt and Fish amendment on ballot
09/21/16 Journal and Courier-Guest column Fellow citizens, welcome to this journey for the American dream
09/19/16 Time Magazine-editorial White House Wants K-12 Schools to Address Sexual Assault
09/17/16 Journal and Courier ISP Investigate Voter Registration Fraud
09/17/16 Journal and Courier Local immigrant volunteer becomes citizen herself
08/24/16 Journal and Courier 3 debates set for governor hopefuls
08/23/16 Journal and Courier Privatizing education is an injustice that needs to stop
08/23/16 Salon - Republicans Voter Fraud false flag
07/23/16 Journal and Courier Indiana court overturns woman's feticide conviction
07/21/16 Journal and Courier Clinic is not among closures - Local Planned Parenthood untouched by changes
07/19/16 Journal and Courier Putting a price on state's private school vouchers
7/13/16 Brennan Center for Justice Major Voting Litigation That Could Impact Voting Access
07/07/16 LA Times Op-Ed - Abortion isn't an outlier medical procedure, it's a constitutional right
06/30/16 ACLU News release - VICTORY! Federal Judge Blocks State's Anti-Abortion Measure
05/23/16 Tribune Star Editorial: Say yes to voting center
05/20/16 USAToday Okla. lawmakers pass bill to make abortion a felony
05/15/16 Journal and Courier Letter - Setting the record straight on child nutrition legislation
05/12/16 Journal and Courier Guest column: What goes into conducting an election
05/10/16 Herald Bulletin Editorial: Ballots should promote voting
05/06/16 Journal and Courier Voters cry foul over treatment: Some in line before 6 p.m. cut-off turned away
05/06/16 Goshen News Editorial: OUR VIEW: 34.5 percent voter turnout is not nearly good enough
05/05/16 Porter County Times Editorial: Region voter turnout looking up, still much room for improvement 05/05/16 electionlineWeekly Indiana Primary Roundup
05/04/16 NWI Times 38% voted in Indiana primary election
05/03/16 PennLive Op-Ed: Restoring voting rights to felons is the right thing to do
05/03/16 Brennan Center for Justice Voting Law Challenges Head to Court
05/03/16 Journal and Courier Online Letter - Those voter fraud claims they make are fraudulent
05/02/16 Albert Lea League of Women Voters Minnesota launches Your Vote Your Voice website
04/23/16 Journal and Courier Interest continues in early voting in Tippecanoe Co.

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