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Local League Activities

Media reports on League activities and events

04/16/16 Journal and Courier Forum set on district revisions
04/05/16 Journal and Courier Letter: Early voting has started; now up to you to cast a ballot
03/09/16 Journal and Courier Online Gerrymandering? Nothing to see here
03/08/16 Purdue Exponent City Council supports resolution to change redistricting
03/04/16 Purdue Exponent League looks to stop gerrymandering
03/01/16 Journal and Courier Super Tuesday Political - Policy junkies gather to watch election results at Purdue
09/27/15 Journal and Courier Professor discusses power of Latino voters
09/24/15 Journal and Courier Saluting a suffragette
09/23/15 Purdue Exponent League of Women Voters celebrates anniversary
08/24/15 Common Cause news release Citizens Rally to Tame the Gerrymander, Call for Redistricting Reform in Indiana
07/04/15 Journal and Courier Commit this Independence Day to updating voter registration
04/27/15 Journal and Courier Groups aim to recruit minority, young voters

Local League Issues

Media reports of issues related to League positions

04/20/16 State pays ACLU over $1.4M under Pence
04/06/16 Indiana Community Action Association Investing in child care would save Hoosier families $3,201 a year
04/04/16 New York Times Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to `One Person One Vote'
04/01/16 Washington Post Indiana's new abortion law won't save babies. It will only make my patients suffer.
01/16/16 Economic Policy Institute Facts and resources on Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association
03/24/16 Indianapolis Star Hoosiers' income still lags
03/07/16 Indianapolis Star 'Anti-discrimination' bill for abortions?
03/06/16 New York Times The Return of the D.I.Y. Abortion
03/05/16 New York Times A Judge's Message to the Xenophobes
02/28/16 Journal and Courier Why should young women run for office?
02/26/16 U.S. Dept. of Labor Blog Black Women in the Labor Force
02/22/16 Purdue University Super Tuesday watch party to feature Mitch Daniels and PBS's Alexander Heffner
02/18/16 Economic Policy Institute White workers have nearly five times as much wealth in retirement accounts as black workers
02/18/16 New York Times Racial Gerrymandering in North Carolina
02/17/16 Politico Scalia's absence could shape election rules
02/13/16 WKRG-TV Kansas Alabama and Other States Named in Voter ID Lawsuit
02/07/16 Journal and Courier Online Domestic shootings turn deadly in Indiana
02/07/16 Journal and Courier Online Getting the Snapchat generation to the polls
02/07/16 Millennials want it quick and affordable - Generation has the leverage to improve customer service
02/03/16 New York Times The Conservative Case for Campaign-Finance Reform
02/01/16 New York Times Closing Arguments Given in Key Voter Rights Trial
09/07/14 Washington Post 7 papers, 4 government inquiries, 2 news investigations and 1 court ruling proving voter fraud is mostly a myth
01/26/15 Herald Times Bloomington Officials question election legislation
01/26/16 Journal and Courier Online Local kids make case for state insect
01/25/16 Journal and Courier Cumberland kids to advocate for firefly
01/24/16 arstechnica New study sheds light on what happens to women who are denied abortions
01/23/16 Indianapolis Start Bill could help increase voter turnout
01/11/16 South Bend Tribune Indiana Opinion: Unrepresentative
01/08/16 Journal and Courier A primer on LGBT bills in Indiana legislature
01/08/16 Journal and Courier Online Lawmaker: Get government out of marriage altogether

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