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Current Initiatives and Activities of the Greater Lafayette League of Women Voters

Please see the Calendar for more information about upcoming events.

See below for the following LWVGL activities:

Annual Meeting - LWVGL Legislative Breakfast Regional Workshop - LWVIN
Candidate Forums Legislative Coffee State Convention - LWVIN
CityBus signs Membership Committee Activities Summer Picnic
Constitution Day Mix & Mingle - LWVGL Transitional Board Meeting - LWVGL
Diversity Roundtable Summit Observer Corps Voter Registration Events
League Link Lunches Presidents Day Workshop Voter Service Committee
  Public Forum Events Women's Studies and International Women's Day


  Gerrymandering the Movie
On December 2, 2015, LWVGL offered the showing of Gerrymandering: the Movie at the Unitarian Universalist Church for League members and invited guests. We had about 25 individuals attending. Julia Vaughn of Common Cause was available to answer questions and update us on the current activity of the Interim Redistricting Study Committee appointed by the Indiana State Legislature during the 2015 General Assembly. Thanks to the many members of LWVGL for organizing the evening from location, technology, to lots of goodies.

Mary Tilden and Beth Goodman, greeters par excel lance

Lots of treats for the evening

Catching up over yummy snacks

The convoluted process of gerrymandering

Patsy Hoyer introducing the evening agenda

Q&A with Julia Vaughn

  Redistricting in Indiana
LWVGL co-sponsored a public meeting with the West Lafayette Public Library on February 19, 2014 on the ongoing issue of Redistricting in the State of Indiana. Guest speakers included Julia Vaughn, Policy Director and Lobbyist of Common Cause Indiana and James McCann, political science professor at Purdue University, West Lafayette. Our guests reminded us that redistricting in Indiana is done by current legislators who have in invested interest in how the districts are aligned and who will be at an advantage to retain the seat they hold in the state legislature or which party stays in control in U.S. Congressional Districts.

A push is being made to have the state legislature create an independent, non-partisan redistricting commission before the next census in 2020. Some progress is being made in the 2014 General Assembly.

Patsy Hoyer, president of LWVGL welcomes guests and
audience to the Redistricting Forum

Sherry McLauchlan, moderator, presents a question from
the audience to the guests

  Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC)
On November 10, 2015 at TCPL, downtown, League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette hosted the first detailed glimpse of exciting happenings along the Wabash River.

Tony Roswarski, Mayor of Lafayette, and President of the Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC), reviewed plans for a Wabash River public promenade. He also provided the first in-depth look at plans for the new multi-use Old National Bank building going up at 2nd and Columbia Streets and explained its close integration with the new promenade.

Tippecanoe County Commissioner and WREC Vice President Tom Murtaugh, and Stan Lambert, Executive Director of WREC, discussed other sustainable development initiatives as well as current efforts to improve environmental practices in the watershed. John Dennis, Mayor of West Lafayette, explained the plans for the redesign of State Street through Purdue's campus to increase and encourage the use of bicycles and increase safety for pedestrians. Of special interest is the design work to transform the urban areas on both sides of the river into a destination of regional significance, as well as progress on making River Road a true scenic byway. All of this is possible because of the tremendous cooperation among WREC partners + the Cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, and Purdue University.

The League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette is pleased to present this program. Support for both the environmental integrity of the Wabash River and environmentally appropriate development along the banks of this unique community and state treasure have been important goals of the League for many years. The League applauds the work of WREC and wants to be sure that the community is aware of significant new developments.

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The membership committee is active this 2013-2014 year to increase membership and revitalized the League.

Membership workshop with state MLD coordinator Gail Pebworth

Committee chair Teena Flook led a group of non League members in discussion to inquire about their knowledge and interest in the League.


At Purdue
The James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship has as its mission to assume a national leadership role in preparing new generations of American citizens. The focus is to provide programs, institutes, activities and resources for educators to implement more powerful citizenship programs and opportunities that result in active student involvement in schools and communities. Each year the Ackerman Center sponsors Constitution Day details can be located at

Why do we celebrate the US Constitution? Because thirty-nine of the 55 Delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the United States Constitution on September 17, 1787. The Congress, by joint resolution, has designated September 17th as "Citizenship Day" and the week beginning September 17th and ending September 23rd of each year as "Constitution Week". Public Law 108-477 contained in the recent Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2005 states that "each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17 of such year for the students served by the educational institution.

The League of Greater Lafayette has been part of this celebration for many years and hopes to continue. We provide information on the League and offer voter registration to all who are eligible.

The LWVGL Board of Directors' meeting was held on June 20, 2015 at the Tippecanoe County Library Downtown. Retiring and newly elected board members and additional leadership of the League attended a workshop and a meeting to lay the ground work for the upcoming year's plans. Teena Flook led a leadership workshop on TEAM-Together Each Achieves More. Learning about teammates, their skills and communication techniques will go a long way in the success of LWVGL. Following the workshop a board meeting was held begin the year. Thanks to all who organized and attended the event.

Teena Flook leading workshop

Discussing Leadership and Team Work

Sarah Kelly

Mary Jo Maslin

Mary Jo Pflum

Jean Andres

What does a leader look like? Drawings and individuals give us great examples.

Gretchen Bertolet captures the characteristics of a good leader with help from the team.

Board meeting and planning for the year

Teena with Erica Karrfalt demonstrating how positive reinforcement and support strengthens the team.

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The 2015 LWVGL Annual Meeting held at the Lafayette Art Museum on May 19, 2015 was well attended by members. The reception for new members was a welcome reception for all and gave us an opportunity to meet and welcome the future of the League and recognize three of our 50 year members as well. The dinner was catered by Arni's and we thank Linda Cohen who has an in with Arni's for organizing this portion of the evening.

Outgoing president Patsy Hoyer highlighted the many successes for the year and led us through the business meeting and toward the coming year.

Nancy Clement and Carol Gutridge with Erica Karrfalt

Great Reception
Winnie Adler, Joyce Fields, Linda Cohen, Ginny Webb

JoAnn Mullen and new member Amy French

Dee Tritchler and Pat Skifstad

Liz Solberg and Judy Rhodes

Anita Phillips and Bill Evers

Judy Rhodes and new member Sally Fahey

Cathy Potter and Mary Tilden with new member Mary Jo Maslin and Patsy Hoyer in the background

Diane Damico and KD Benson

Dinner Even Better

New member Donnie Spencer in tie

Joyce Fields and Ruth Dowden (50 year member)

Jean Andres and Sarah Kelly

Eleanor Riggs (50 year member)

New Member Whitney Williams


Patsy Hoyer leading meeting and Taya Flores from the Journal and Courier live streaming

Ginny Webb presenting Nominating Committee Report

Joanne Evers thanking Patsy Hoyer for her service to the League

Teena Flook, Ginny Webb (50 year member) and Margaret Brender

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Delegates from Lafayette included Patsy Hoyer, President, Corrina Than, also a State Board member, and Joyce Sanford and Anita Phillips Sanford.

A number of changes were agreed upon, as well as having the opportunity to hear several informational presentations and socialize. A co-presidency was accepted for Erin Kelly (Indianapolis) and Lisa Plencner (South Bend)--and the bylaws changed accordingly. Both are enthusiastic and eager and reminded us that League of Women Voters was all of us members, not the few individuals of the State Board. Upon acceptance Erin stated "The League (needs to) form a strategy for moving forward in the 21st century. Volunteer-led organizations can be extremely effective, but they must also be extremely organized in order to achieve their vision. Establishing strategic goals, and the objectives needed to achieve those goals, is what I would like to contribute to LWVIN."

Speaker highlights included Lee Hamilton commenting on the social media and the press, and Dr. Rob and Karen Stone speaking for Universal Health Care. See the Summer 2015 LWVGL Voter for highlights on the convention.

Abe Martin Inn Brown County State Park

Local League Displays for education and action

Silent Auction and shoppers

Speaker, Lee Hamilton, former U. S. Congressman

Newly elected LWVIN Board Co-Presidents Erin Kelly, Indianapolis and Lisa Plencner, South Bend

Welcoming smiles of Jan Swigert, Brown County and Katelyn Utley, Indianapolis.

Gail Pebworth, Montgomery County, with Membership, Leadership Development display

Amy Miller, outgoing state president, with Lee Hamilton and Doris Whitenberg

The Voter Service committee for 2014-15 includes an active group of members busy with community presentations, voter registration, high school voter registration project and much more. Here we are busy at work in our community office at Panera's at Wabash Landing. Join the committee. We love new ideas!

Jean Andres, Carol Gutridge, Nancy Clement, Mary Jo Pflum, Adelia Sorge and Sarah Kelly (missing from the photo are Laura Penney Bade and Joanne Evers, photographer)

LWVGL co-sponsored the Diversity Roundtable Summit VI held on April 11, 2013. It was a day of learning, sharing and planning on how to make `Greater Lafayette a Community of Choice'. Gloria Thomas, director of U of M's Center for the Education of Women from Ann Arbor, Michigan shared the successes they have had in growing Ann Arbor into a great community to live, work and play in. Panels of Young Professionals, International Students, and the Latino Community discussed the pros and cons of living in the Greater Lafayette Community. Work continues on improving the quality of life for all residents of Greater Lafayette.

Note the LWVGL new table cloth!

Registration table with Jean Andres and friend (Jean is a long time member of the Diversity Roundtable).

Jean is also a long time League member.

Additional vendors at the summit

Gloria Thomas from Ann Arbor

Young Professionals

International Center Representatives, Purdue University

Latino professionals and students

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LWVGL participated in the Purdue Women's Studies celebration of International Women's Day On March 7, 2014 at the Cordova Co-Recreational Gymnasium on Purdue's campus. The evening went well and the League was well represented and shared information on the importance of voting and how to register to vote.

Thanks to Patsy for the suffragette table display and t-shirts

Patsy Hoyer, Corrina Than and Donna Giroux

Margaret Brender, Donna Giroux, two prospective members, Patsy Hoyer and Joanne Evers

Purdue Archives participated in IWD with this item to share-Notice of the Annual Conference of LWVIN 1922

Purdue archivist, Stephanie Schmitz, with her IWD display highlighting Women at Purdue and the League

Patsy Hoyer, Ron Brender, Margaret Brender, Corrina Than

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2015 Annual Legislative Coffee held on Dec 10 was a great success with over 30 members attending the event. The League invites members and legislators representing voters in Tippecanoe County to discuss League issues and upcoming expectations for the General Assembly. Patsy Hoyer discussed the Interim Redistricting Study Commission appointed by the State Legislature in 2015 and its importance to changes in the redistricting process of Indiana. Donna Giroux explained that the LWVGL was embarking on preliminary research as to mental health services in Tippecanoe County to decide if a League Study is in order. The Q&A with the legislators included topics on education accountability, Wabash River Development, civil rights and much more. Patsy Hoyer hosts our gathering in her festive home and all share a social and informative evening. Thanks to all and especially the two legislators who attended, Ron Alting, and Shelia Klinker.

A great way to start the evening with treats from the members. Go for it Liz!

Linda Ron, JoAnn and Linda. So many choices.

Donna sharing information on upcoming research on mental health services in Tippecanoe County

Patsy discussing redistricting.

Karen and Linda. The greatest greeters in town.

Linda and Sue catching up.

Attentive listeners.

Four CityBus tail signs have been traveling around Greater Lafayette to encourage individuals to register and vote during March and September since September 2012. Look for them again for the 2016 Primary and the General Election. Give a cheer when you see one!

Downtown Lafayette, September 2014

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  November 4, 2014 General Election Candidate Forum

On October 22, 2014, LWVGL co-sponsored a candidate forum with Citizens for Civil Rights and Hanna Center held at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds in the Home Economics Building. The event was well attended and moderated by Jeff Smith of WLFI TV. Candidates running for the offices of County Sheriff, State House Representative, District 27, Judge of the Circuit Court, Judge of the Superior Court 2 and County Assessor were all present and shared their thoughts and ideas with the public.

The crowd was very attentive

Questions sorters, Jean Andres (LWVGL), Clyde Hughes (Hanna Center) and Carlos Carrillo (CCR)

Jeff Smith (WLFI), Mike Smith (CCR), Heather Maddox (Hanna Center) and Patsy Hoyer at the mike (LWVGL President)

LWVGL was well represented with members

  2014 Primary Judicial Candidates Forum

All Tippecanoe County judicial candidates were invited to a public meeting to share their views on campaign issues asked by the audience. The evening was hosted by Citizens for Civil Rights, The League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette, and Hanna Community Center. Jeff Smith of WLFI-TV18 moderated the event.

Patsy Hoyer, president of LWVGL welcomes candidates and audience

Question sorters representing all three organizations

Jeff Smith, WLFI, and candidates

An attentive audience

Proud to be League members.

  State Legislature Candidate Forum

On September 5, 2012 LWVGL cosponsored a Candidate Forum for state legislators at the Morton Community Center along with Wabash Area Lifelong Learning Association (WALLA). Time keepers and question sorters were kept busy and performed with the highest standards. Thanks to Joe Kraus of WALLA and Jean Andres of LWVGL and all the volunteers for making this event possible. Also thanks to Jeff Smith, News Director of WLFI, for moderating the forum. His continued support for this event is appreciated.

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The locations of the 2014 LWVIN Regional Workshops were in Greencastle and South Bend. Five LWVGL members drove to South Bend on September 20 to join with League members across the northern Indiana for great discussion and good company. Topics covered by our guest speakers included : Summary of the LWVUS Convention in Dallas; Redistricting in Indiana ; Advocacy; Creating an Observer Corps; VOTE411; and Engaging Local Candidates. Thanks to the South Bend Area League for hosting the event.

Early arrival at South Bend: Joanne Evers, Karen Griggs, Margaret Brender, Debby Sherman, Carol Gutridge, Patsy Hoyer

Environmental Team of LWVIN Board: Jeanette Neagu and Karen Griggs

Lots of conversation and sharing of ideas

Meeting new friends: Elizabeth Bennion of South Bend, Debby Sherman of LWVGL, Margaret Brender of LWVGL and Sharon Schafer of Elkhart

Debbie Asberry of Indianapolis LWV sharing information on Redistricting

Barb Anderson of South Central Indiana League sharing information on Advocacy

Elizabeth Bennion of South Bend Area League sharing her program on Candidate Debates

Annual Summer Picnic

August 22, 2015 saw the unfolding of the LWVGL Annual Summer Picnic on a beautiful summer day. In spite of the traffic flow and construction Happy Hollow Park, Shelter #4 burst at the seams with League members, guests, great food and stimulating conversation. Members and guests were updated with League plans for the coming year especially the 95th Anniversary Celebrations in Lafayette and Indianapolis in September. Barb Clark, co-director of the Diversity Roundtable, spoke to the group providing a long list of resources in the community of organizations and groups who are focused on increasing diversity education and awareness in the Greater Lafayette community.

Donna Giroux and Mary Jo Maslin discussing the great spread before them and other happy picnickers

Clark, co-director of the Diversity Round Table

Finishing dessert and listening to Patsy Hoyer share League Plans for the coming year.

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LWVGL attends Presidents Day Workshop

Saturday, February 15, 2014, the League of Women Voters of Indiana celebrated Presidents Day and the League's 94th birthday with an all day workshop at the Carriage House of the Propylaeum in Indianapolis. Local members, Ginny Webb, Michael Oxenrider, Karen Griggs, Corrina Than and Patsy Hoyer attended the event. Topics of discussion included `The Proposed Elimination of the Business Personal Property Tax' by Purdue Professor Larry DeBoer and environmental legislation currently being debated in the 2014 General Assembly by Jessie Kharbanda, executive director of the Hoosier Environmental Council. League organizational issues were discussed including best practices for candidate forums, obtaining an intern, using social media, and general outreach. Following the meeting the participants were invited to see the new LWVIN office at 1500 N. Delaware St.

Paulette Vandegriff sharing best practices for candidate forums

League Link Lunch: This is a long standing, informal gathering over lunch to talk and learn about current events, maintain friendships and create new ones. League Lunch is held every second Tuesday of the month at Jane's Gourmet Deli from noon to 1pm. Come and go as your schedule permits.

Members and friends of the League enjoying and learning from each other.

Members and friends at League Link Lunch

Legislative Breakfast: The Legislative Breakfast is held each year in Jan or Feb. This event is open to the public, and is an opportune time to hear from local legislators.

The Annual LWVGL Legislative Breakfast was held on February 22, 2015. The weather was cold, snowing and blustery but that did not stop the community from coming out to hear from their legislators about bills in the 2015 General Assembly. All seven legislators from Tippecanoe County were invited to attend and one gracefully declined because of other obligations however, only one legislator attended, Sheila Klinker.

Representative Klinker fielded many questions about the legislation currently moving through the two chambers in the State House in Indianapolis and made a point of explaining the thinking from both sides of the aisle. The attendees and the League are most thankful for her devotion to the process and her willingness to share a wide range of opinions.

Thanks to the League members who organized and managed the annual breakfast.

Signing in for a morning of learning

Community members enjoying breakfast and good conversation

President Patsy Hoyer introducing the program

Moderator KD Benson with Patsy Hoyer

Representative Klinker has the floor

Observer Corps: The League has been a champion of government transparency since our founding in 1920, and it is one of our core principles and a vital part of our mission. We have an Observer Corps of members who are willing to commit one year to attending all the meetings of one local governmental board or commission and report on the business that was transacted at each meeting. Click on "Observer Corps" at left for more information.

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Latino Center for Wellness and Education West Lafayette Farmer's Market National Voter Registration Day
West Lafayette Public Library Food Finders Mobile Pantry Naturalization Ceremony
  High School Voter Registration Outfest

  Latino Center for Wellness and Education
LWVGL was invited to register voters at the LCWE holiday party on Dec. 5, 2015. A great event for Latino families held at the Mama Inez Bakery in Lafayette. Adelia Sorge and Joanne Evers represented LWVGL for the evening.

  National voter Registration Day

For three years LWVGL has been partnering with the Purdue Student Government to offer voter registration to Purdue Students on National Voter Registration Day. One again it was a great success on September 22, 2015.

Always a lot of fun with voter registration
Purdue PSG team in action

Linda Harris, Sarah Weaver, Ken Jones, Corrina Than, Sarah Kelly and Joanne Evers (not pictured)

  Food Finders Mobile Pantry

LWVGL worked with Food Finders during March 2015 to visit the Food Finders Mobile Pantry at the Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds Sheep Barn on five consecutive Tuesdays. Thanks to all the staff and Katie Bunder, director of Food Finders, for their cooperation and support.

Here is the sheep barn
Donna Giroux, Sarah Kelly and Margaret Brender - A chilly day

Talking with patrons

A visit with Katie Bunder

Patty Jischke, Nancy Clement, Donna Giroux on our second visit to the Sheep Barn

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  High School Voter Registration

For the second year in a row, LWVGL has partnered with the area high schools to provide information to government classes regarding election law over the years and current election practices in Indiana and Tippecanoe County. In addition every eligible student is offered the opportunity to register to vote. Below are photos and captions from Spring and Fall 2015.

Sarah Kelly at McCutcheon Sept. 2015

Sarah Kelly discussing `Securing the Right To Vote' at Harrison High School

Sarah engaging the students in discussion about `WHY VOTE?' at Harrison High School

Margaret Brender, Donna Giroux, Adelia Sorge staffing a table in the Senior Commons Area at Harrison High School

Nancy Clement presenting PowerPoint on Voter Registration and Elections in Tippecanoe County at Jefferson High School

Margaret Brender and Sarah Kelly at Central Catholic High School offering voter registration

Mary Jo Pflum and Joanne Evers at West Lafayette High School offering voter registration

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  Naturalization Ceremony

The annual naturalization ceremony held in West Lafayette was on September 4, 2015 at Burtsfield Gym at Salisbury and Lindberg. One hundred new citizens were provided with instructions and a voter registration from to complete and register to vote. League volunteers were available after the ceremony to answer questions and accept completed forms. Thanks to all the volunteers including Jean Andres, Mary Jo Pflum, Teena Flook, Donna Giroux and Joanne Evers.

League Team (standing) Joanne Evers, Mary Jo Pflum, Donna Giroux, (sitting) Teena Flook, Jean Andres

Purduettes also registering to vote

Prospective new citizens waiting for the ceremony to begin

Swearing in of new citizens

Immigration and Naturalization Representative reading the oath of citizenship

Swearing in of new citizens

Mayor Dennis congratulating the prospective new citizens

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  OUTFEST 2014

OUTFEST 2014 provided an opportunity for the League to support LGBT equality, register voters, and have a lot of fun. Corrina Than, Erica Karrfalt, Mary Jo Pflum, Patsy Hoyer, and Felice Bray, staffed the League booth. Thirty+eight voters were registered to vote, 11 individuals changed their Tippecanoe addresses and 1 person made a name change. We also used the opportunity to distribute information about the voting process and

Patsy Hoyer at Outfest 2014

Corrina than and Mary Jo Pflum at Outfest 2014

  West Lafayette Farmers Market

August 13, 2014 - A beautiful day to be shopping in the market! Sarah Kelly, Erica Karrfalt and Joanne Evers talked to many individuals about voter registration and joining the League. Eighteen voters verified their voter registration, updated addresses or registered for the first time. It was a great afternoon and the West Lafayette City wifi connection was great.

Sarah Kelly and Erica Karrfalt, ready for voters

Two new citizens from Manchester England registering for the first time on the computer and on the iphone.

Updating an address online with

  West Lafayette Public Library

Thanks to the West Lafayette Public Library and League volunteers Nancy Clement, Roberta Schonemann and Joanne Evers for offering voter registration to the community on February 22, 2015.

  Latino Center for Wellness and Education
LWVGL was invited to register voters at the LCWE holiday party on Dec. 5, 2015. A great event for Latino families held at the Mama Inez Bakery in Lafayette. Adelia Sorge and Joanne Evers represented LWVGL for the evening.

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January 27, 2016 - What a great turnout at a new location, Cellar 422 Wine Bar, 422 Main Street, Lafayette! A hearty thanks and welcome to all who attended. Hope we see you again.

Hmm. . .this looks interesting.

"Below - Catching up with friends and making new ones."

"Patsy has the floor with an attentive audience."

April 15, 2015 - There is always something to discuss at a League event. Join us and meet new members and make new friends.

Enjoying a glass of wine, eating pizza and sharing ideas

Welcome to new member Amy French with JoAnn Mullen and Donna Giroux

Teena Flook, Margaret Brender and Patsy Hoyer having a good time

March 18, 2015 - The gatherings at Sylvia's Brick Oven continue with good company, good conversation and pizza a plenty. Join us.

Welcome to new Whitney Williams with Patsy Hoyer, JoAnn Mullen, Erica Karrfalt, Linda Cohen

Liz Solberg and Dewayne Moffitt
Margaret Bender, Joanne Evers, Ginny Webb

Ron Brender, Ralph Webb, Mike Smith, Donna Giroux

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February 18, 2915 - On a cold and winter evening the League Mix and Mingle had a cozy gathering at Sylvia's Brick Oven on February 18, 2015. It was a pleasure to meet so many new friends of the League and learn more about the Greater Lafayette Community. Thanks to all.

Continuing and perspective members posing for a picture

Zach, Diane, Ralph and Ginny enjoying pizza and good conversation

Joanne, Liz and Patsy discussing bills in the General Assembly

Making new friends

Serious conversation

December 17, 2014 - A gathering of League members is always a fun filled and informative evening especially over delicious pizza. Congratulation are in order to our 100th member, Mary Jo Maslin and thanks to Joanne Evers for the ASK. Mary Jo joined us and had the opportunity to meet many of LWVGL's finest. Thanks to all for coming and to Sylvia's Brick Oven for hosting us.

Mary Jo Maslin and Joanne Evers

Ron Brender, Ralph Webb, Bill Evers and Margaret Brender

Ginny Webb and Teena Flook

Bill Evers and Donna Giroux

November 19, 2014 - A great time was had by all! Thanks to all who attended.

JoAnn Mullen, Karen Griggs, Ginny Webb and Erica Karfalt

Bill Evers, JoAnn Mullen and Donna Giroux in the background with two new League friends

League conversation

Diane Damico and JoAnn Mullen

Making new friends and catching up with others

LWVGL's inaugural Mix and Mingle for all members and prospective members and friends of the League was a great success on Oct 22, 2014 at Sylvia's Brick Oven in Lafayette. The snacks and beverages were great and it was a fun time to get to know each other better and learn about the League. The League is lots of fun as well as accomplishing great work for public policy in Tippecanoe County.

Corrina Than and Margaret Brender

Patsy Hoyer with a timely message

Teena Flook and Erica Karrfalt

Ron Brender and Ralph Webb

Liz Solberg, Ginny Webb, Joyce Fields, Corrina Than

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Library Services in Tippecanoe County-Study Committee Report

The Local Government Study Committee completed its study of library services in Tippecanoe County December 2011. Read the complete report. Thank you to all the committee members for this study and professional report. Members included Jean Andres, chair; KD Benson, Shelly McLauchlan and Joanne Evers.

Tippecanoe County Township Government Study Report

The Greater Lafayette League of Women Voters formed a Study Committee in the spring of 2009 to study township government in Tippecanoe County. The report is complete as of October 2010 and focuses on transparency, accessibility and accountability of township government. This report will add information and understanding of the process of township government as discussion continues regarding the reform of township government. View Final Report here.

Members of the LWVGL Study Committee are available to present its findings and recommendations to community organizations. To schedule a program contact the League.

Policy Over Politics: A State Forum on Township Reform

Policy Over Politics: A State Forum on Township Reform (a video)

Hosted by the Lacy Leadership Association Civic Leadership Cadre and co-sponsored by a variety of civic organizations including LWVGL, LWVIN, LWVMC. This event was held on January 19, 2011 at the History Center in Indianapolis.