Making Democracy Work

Observer Corps

One way that Leagues promote open government is through Observer Corps. Read Observing Your Government in Action Guide: Protecting Your Right to Know for more information about how an Observer Corps will work. The League has been a champion of government transparency since our founding in 1920, and it is one of our core principles and a vital part of our mission. Our efforts in this area reinforce our reputation of fairness, nonpartisanship and trust. League members attend governmental meetings to learn what their government is doing and to monitor whether those meetings are conducted in an open and transparent way. Experience has shown the importance of the League being present to watch--and to take action when necessary.

The Greater Lafayette League is working to establish an Observer Corps, members who are willing to commit one year to attending all the meetings of one local governmental board or commission and report on the business that was transacted at each meeting. Two members could agree to share the responsibility for observing a single board. Reporting would be done on a simple form. Information from the completed forms will be posted on our website. You can help build a stronger, safer and well informed community. Training will be provided for all observers. Contact Our Local Observer Corps if you are interested.

A list of some of the boards and commissions follows. List of Government Boards and Commissions