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Past Activities

Overview of activities the League has held

February 8, 2014

The 2014 Legislative Breakfast was held on February 8, 2014 at MCL Restaurant and Bakery in West Lafayette IN. Despite the cold weather and the snow that morning, we still had about 75 people present. Four legislators were in attendance: Rep. Sheila Klinker, Senator Ron Alting, Rep. Don Lehe, and Rep. Tim Brown. We also had a number of elected officials from the Cities and the County. Representatives Sharon Negele and Randy Truitt sent their regrets. The legislators were informative and the crowd was engaged.

Issues included HJR3, a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, Agricultural bills (HB 1143 "no more stringent", SB 101 "ag gag", and SB 186 "right to farm") and business personal property tax (HB 1001 and SB 1). See League in the News for WLFI, Channel 18 coverage.

Patsy Hoyer welcoming the legislators and audience

Liz Solberg, moderator, addressing the legislators

2013 Annual Legislative Coffee held on Dec 6 was a great success. The League invites members and legislators representing voters in Tippecanoe County to discuss League issues. This year's hot topics included support for Medicaid Expansion and an Indiana Redistricting Commission both of which may surface in the upcoming 2014 General Assembly. The League presents timely positions and individuals may ask important questions of the Legislators. Patsy Hoyer hosts our gathering in her festive home and all share a social and informative evening. Thanks to all and especially the four legislators who attended, Don Lehe, Ron Alting, Randy Truitt and Shelia Klinker.

The locations of the October 19, 2013 LWVIN Regional Workshops were in Clarksville and West Lafayette, Indiana. LWVGL hosted League friends from the northern region at the Morton Community Center. Discussion and presentation centered on voter registration, redistricting and partisan politics. In addition LWVGL took this opportunity to thank Betty Doversberger for her service to the local and state League since she is leaving the community to be closer to her family in Illinois.

Registration for the Regional Meeting Oct 19 2013 - LWVIN President Susanne Gaudin and Treasurer Carrie Sosbe are ready to sign members into the day's events.

LWVGL president Patsy Hoyer and Christa Coffey at the Regional Meeting.

David Orentlicher of the IU Law School and former State Representative discusses partisan conflict, polarization and gerrymandering in Indiana.

Donna Giroux, LWV of Greater Lafayette, Sandy Grant, LWV of Howard County and Sharon Schafer of LWV Elkhart enjoying the day.

Betty Doversberger at reception in her honor - Thank you, Betty for all your service.

Christa Coffey, Tippecanoe County Clerk explains changes in the revised voter registration form (VRG7)

Dr Kelsey Kauffman of DePauw University shares her research on local redistricting in Indiana.

Mary Boggs of LWV Indianapolis explains their program on `Rethinking Redistricting: Drawing a Line for Democracy'

Discussion of issues over lunch

Representative Sheila Klinker awards Betty a Seal of the State of Indiana for her service to Education and her personal community service.


Joanne Evers reviewing voter registration and the voting process in Tippecanoe County
Sherry McLauchlan demonstrating VOTE 411 to locate candidate information

Dr. Andrew Downs, IUP Ft. Wayne discussing, 'To Enfranchise, or to Disenfranchise, That is the Question'

  Mosey Down Main Street, May 2012
LWVGL members join the festivities in Downtown Lafayette to register voters for the upcoming elections.

Joanne Evers and Karen Griggs, May 2012

Diane Damico, Michael Oxenrider, Joanne Evers with prospective voter, June 2012
First time voter!
July 9, 2011 First time voter!
More first time voters!
August 13, 2011 More first time voters. Let's hear it for the future leaders!

More first time voters!

West Lafayette Farmers' Market

Everyone needs to eat their fruits and vegetables and everyone needs to register to vote.


August 22, 2012 - Thanks to Debby Sherman, Beth Goodman and Mary Tilden                          October 3,2012 - Thanks to Dee Tritschler for her service to the League

Ivy Tech Community College, September 10 and 11, 2012
Volunteers visited Ivy Tech, Lafayette to register students to vote. Thanks to all who assisted: Emma and Walt Dalsimer, Sherry McLauchlan, Sue Render, Sheila Rosenthal, Beth Goodman, Debby Sherman and Keiko Rao.

  Purdue University in cooperation with Purdue Student Government, September 25&26, 2012
It was a pleasure working with the Purdue students. It was a busy and successful two days.

  CityBus Depot, September 18, 2012
Thanks to CityBus for their cooperation in voter registration and the volunteers who assisted including Sherry McLauchlan, Amy Hockema, Betty Doversberger, Cynthy Scruggs, Donna Giroux and Joanne Evers


2012 Naturalization Ceremony

The annual Global Fest in West Lafayette features cultural entertainment, food and art to celebrate the city's diversity. LWVGL provides voter registration following the Naturalization Ceremony where eligible residents become U.S. citizens.

Thanks to Walt Dalsimer, Michael Oxen rider and Debby Sherman for registering new citizens to vote at the .
It was a busy and joyful experience for all.


2012 Annual Summer Picnic

LWVGL members and guests attended the annual picnic at Happy Hollow Park on August 18, 2012. We enjoyed great food, company and weather while we caught up with friends and made new ones. Since we are in the middle of an election year where health care is a topic of discussion, two members with interest and expertise presented information on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Donna Giroux shared the Leagues current position on health care and how the ACA is viewed through the lens of the League. Michael Oxenrider provided valuable information on the Facts and Myths of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Michael's document is available through the home page. Check it out.

Getting set up

Let's Eat!

Always good discussion

Program announcements and agenda

Michael Oxenrider sharing Fact and Myths on
the patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Anticipating the members' arrival

Donna Giroux explaining the League's Health Care Position

Always something new to learn!

The LWVGL 2013 Annual Meeting was held at the Lilly Nature Center in West Lafayette and dinner was catered by Panera's. Congratulations to Joan Goldstein, Evelyn Modrey and Chris Brewster for serving the League for 50 years. Certificates from LWVUS were awarded.

Christa Coffey, Tippecanoe County Clerk, provided the membership with an update on the new election laws from the 2013 General Assembly signed into law by the Governor.

Thanks to all who attended and participated.

Margaret Brender taking registrations

Joanne Evers and Donna Giroux, a little pre-meeting consultation

Award to Joan Goldstein for 50 year membership in the League of Women Voters; other recipients not present

Recognition to board members for their service (Ginny Webb not in attendance)
Margaret Brender

Deb Schwarte

Betty Doversberger

Donna Giroux

Sherry McLauchlan

Joanne Evers, outgoing president, receiving appreciation for service

Karen Griggs presenting the election slate for 2013-14

Donna Giroux, presenting program planning to the membership

Beth Goodman, presenting the results of the Women Leaders Committee

Christa Coffey-Tippecanoe County Clerk presenting new election law

Betty Doversberger, outgoing secretary

Sherry McLauchlan, outgoing treasurer, presenting the proposed 2013-14 budget

Pictures of members in attendance

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2013 Transitional Meeting
The LWVGL Board of Directors' transitional meeting was held at the home of Donna Giroux on June 11 2013. Outgoing and incoming members set the calendar for meeting s and events. Also the elected board members appointed Patsy Hoyer as president for the year. Congratulations to all! Thanks to those who are leaving the board for their service and commitment to LWVGL including Betty Doversberger, Sherry McLauchlan and Joanne Evers. See pictures below.

A great dinner, good company and excellent discussion for LWVGL plans in the coming year.

Margaret Brender (treasurer), Deb Schwarte (secretary), Michael Oxenrider (director), Patsy Hoyer (president), Jean Andres (director), Donna Giroux (director), Rae Schnapp (director). Missing from photo is Sarah Kelly (director)

Members at the meeting: sitting, Margaret Brender, Donna Giroux, Betty Doversberger; standing, Joanne Evers, Sherry McLauchlan, Deb Schwarte, Michael Oxenrider, Patsy Hoyer Debby Sherman, Winnie Adler, Rae Schnapp. Missing from the photo is Karen Griggs who is taking the picture.

Outgoing president Joanne Evers and incoming president Patsy Hoyer.


Buses traveled the Greater Lafayette area during September and October 2012.

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During the months of February and March 2013, LWVGL partnered with four students enrolled in the Introduction of Women's Studies Course at Purdue University to share our history, positions and action. Tayler, Kiley, Emma and Yijie learned about the League, attended board and member meetings, attended public governmental meetings, interviewed current and former elected officials and viewed the film "Ironed Jawed Angels". They prepared a power point on the League and participated in a campus and community wide symposium for all the Women's Studies service learning projects. Through the grant received by the students from the Purdue Service Learning Grant Program, LWVGL was able to obtain a new logo `studded' table cloth to use at League events. Thank you!

The two month experience culminated in a campus wide march on March 22, 2013 and involved the service learning partners, Purdue organizations and academic departments. Over 400 individuals participated in the march ending in a Rally at the Cordóva Recreational Center. The keynote speaker was Zoe Nicholson, longtime social justice activist, who gave a talk on the actions of Alice Paul which helped lead to the 19th Amendment for Women's Suffrage.

On April 12, 2013 the students presented a symposium on their learning process and actions to promote academic knowledge and communication as a bridge to social activism.

Check out the video and article from the march and the pictures taken of LWVGL at the march. It was a great experience for all. Let's hope it leads to more of the same.


LWVGL attends Presidents Day Workshop hosted by LWV of Indiana on February 18, 2012 in Indianapolis!: Betty Doversberger, Donna Giroux, Ginny Webb and Michael Oxenrider represented LWVGL and attended workshops on voter suppression, education funds and maintaining local League status. Tim Berry, Auditor, State of Indiana, spoke on 'Transparency in Government'. A review of the State and National websites was presented and LWV South Bend Area described their success with the High School Voter Registration Project. Of course we sang Happy Birthday to LWV!

President's Day attendees
Betty Doversberger (also servers on state board), Michael Oxenrider,
Donna Giroux, Ginny Webb
Tim Berry,State Auditor
Tim Berry, Indiana State Auditor
Gail Pebworth,State Liaison
Gail Pebworth, State Liaison to LWVGL
Ginny Web
Ginny attending a workshop

Maps of State House and Senate Districts with League information

Legislators and community
Joanne Evers, president, welcoming legislators and community
Liz Solberg, moderator
Senator Ron Alting with introductory statement

Representative Sharon Negele responding to a question
Representative Don Lehe sharing his thoughts

Representative Sheila Klinker commenting on an issue
Representative Randy Truitt with his perspective

An attentive audience

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The 2012 Annual Legislative Coffee held on Dec 6 was a great success. The League invites members and legislators representing voters in Tippecanoe County to discuss League issues. This year's hot topics included support for Health Care and Public School Education including Kindergarten both of which may surface in the upcoming 2013 General Assembly. The League presents timely positions and individuals may ask important questions of the Legislators. Patsy Hoyer hosts our gathering in her festive home and all share a social and informative evening. Thanks to all.

President Joanne Evers welcomes the members and Legislators and shares information on the LWVUS position on Public Education; recently approved March 2012.

Membership Chairperson Donna Giroux shares information on the national Health Care Position

An opportunity to talk with members and legislators over tasty treats

Attendance increased this year with a full house to listen and talk with legislators

Legislators in attendance included: Sheila Klinker, Tim Brown, Randy Truitt and Ron Alting. Legislators unable to attend included: Brandt Hershman, Senate District 7, Sharon Negele, House District 13 and Don Lehe, House District 25

Representative Sheila Klinker, House District 27

Representative Randy Truitt, State House District 26

Representative Tim Brown, State House District 41

Senator Ron Alting, State Senate, District 22

LWVIN REGIONAL WORKSHOP, "Power the Vote", was held in Muncie, September 8, 2012. League members from across the state discussed and learned more about how to engage members and community members in exercising the franchise. Dr. Losco, professor and chair of the Political Science Dept. at Ball State University, discussed the Citizens United ruling from the US Supreme Court and how it directly effects voting. Read the presentation.

Greater Lafayette attendees: Joanne Evers, Donna Giroux, Betty Doversberger, Ginny Webb and Deb Schwarte

An attentive audience

Dr. Losco presents

Prints were distributed at the LWVGL Annual Meeting entitled, `Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow'. The print by Carol Wantz was reprinted and used as a fundraiser for LWVIN in the early 1990's. An explanation of the print was also available. A few copies are still available if you would like one to frame for yourself or as a gift.

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2012 TRANSITIONAL MEETING was held at the home of Donna Giroux on June 12. Ten Leaguers met to set the calendar for the year and plan for membership, voter service, Voter dates and more. Thanks to our host Donna and all who attended.

Great meal, great ideas and great company

Cathy Potter making a point

Good conversation before working

2012 LWVIN COUNCIL MEETING was hosted by LWV of Howard County Kokomo, Indiana and welcomed by Paul Wyman, a Howard County Commissioner. The presentations and workshops were well received by the membership and included such topics as 'the Mechanics of Voting', 'LWVUS Convention', and 'Protecting Indiana Waters'. The keynote address was presented by Andrew Downs, Assistant professor of Political Science at IPFW where he directs the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics. Dr. Downs provided a history of Indiana Law in relation to disenfranchising the voter as well as enfranchising the voter. We discussed questions such as Who should encourage people to vote?, Why don't election officials encourage more voting?

Of course we had times of laughter and good cheer at the welcome reception at the home of Sandy Grant and a great tour of the Sieberling Mansion in Kokomo.

Jeanette Neagu
Jeannette Neagu on the Protecting Indiana Waters
Enjoying the Sieberling Mansion
Enjoying the Sieberling Mansion
Lorraine Jensen, Betty Doversberger
Lorraine Jensen, state treasurer, and Betty Doversberger,
state and local board Member at the Sieberling Mansion
Welcome reception at Sandy Grant's
Welcome reception at the home of Sandy Grant
Karen Kay Leonard, Gail Pebworth
Karen Kay Leonard, state president, foreground and Gail Pebworth
state board member at welcome reception
Geni Pawleski
Geri Pawleski explaining the South Bend High
School Voter Registration Project
Always something to learn
Always something to learn
Mary Jo Gorman, Calument Area
Mary Jo Gorman, Calumet Area, on monthly voter
registration at Naturalization Ceremonies
Silent Auction in background
'Mechanics of Voting' break out session (silent auction in background)
Gail Pebworth and Lorraine Jensen
Thanks to Gail Pebworth and Lorraine Jensen
Thanks to the LWVIN Board

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LWVGL 2012 ANNUAL MEETING was held at the Lilly Nature Center and dinner was catered by Panera's. A discussion of the future of the League led to plans for the 2012-13 organizational structure.

Betty Doversberger, Joanne Evers
Betty Doversberger, secretary, and Joanne Evers, president
Donna Giroux
Donna Giroux, coordinated meeting
Sherry McLaughlin, Donna Giroux
McLauchlan, coordinated future planning meeting and Donna Giroux
LWVGL members
LWVGL members

Legislative Breakfast:
The Legislative Breakfast is held each year in Jan or Feb. This event is open to the public, and is an opportune time to hear from local legislators.
February 11, 2012 - LWVGL Legislative Breakfast

Legislators and members at breakfast
Standing: Liz Solberg, Ron Alting, Tim Brown Randy Truit during breakfast.
Representative Tim Brown
Representative Brown addressing the audience.
LWVGL question sorters
Question sorters JoAnn Mullen and Betty Doversberger and moderator Liz Solberg.

Representative Klinker
Representative Klinker addressing the audience.
Representative Truitt
Representative Andy Truitt.
Representative Tim Brown
Representative Tim Brown.
Senator Ron Alting
Senator Ron Alting.

Representative Klinker
Representative Klinker.

Conversation after breakfast
Crowd shot at the end of the program.

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Naturalization Ceremony at Global Fest: The annual Global Fest in West Lafayette features cultural entertainment, food and art to celebrate the city's diversity. LWVGL provides voter registration following the Naturalization Ceremony where eligible residents become U.S. citizens.

Registering new citizens!
Registering new citizens to vote at the 2011 Naturalization Ceremony
at Morton Community Center
Registering new citizens!

Annual Summer Picnic. LWVGL members and guests attended annual picnic at Happy Hollow Park on August 27, 2011. We enjoyed great food, company and weather while we caught up with friends and made new ones. Since LWVGL is in the process of updating two position statements, Solid Waste Management and Domestic Violence, we had the opportunity to hear from Sonya Margerum who played an important role in our original study and as Mayor of West Lafayette. Jasmine Dowd, educator and outreach director of the YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter, shared her insight on needs of the community today in regards to Domestic Violence.
Picnic begins
The picnic begins
Joanne Evers
A word from the president
Sonya Margerum - speaker
Sonya Margerum on Solid Waste Management
Jasmine Dowd - speaker
Jasmine Dowd on outreach for the prevention of domestic violence
Jean Andres
Jean Andres promoting the 'This is Your Community Brown Bag Lunch'

LWVGL attends the Reality, Rights and Reason Reception sponsored by the Health Access and Privacy Alliance on March 24 in Indianapolis: Joanne Evers represented LWVGL. Other League members attending were Paulette Vandegriff, LWVIN Lobbyist and Erin Kelly, LWVIN state Representative to HAPA and president of LWV of Indianapolis. The gathering was a great success with conversation and good food. We heard from two prochoice advocates Kate Michelman, former president of NARAL-Prochoice America (1985-2004) and Dawn Johnson, professor of law at IU Law School, who formerly worked for Kate when she served as president for NARAL. For more information: Dawn Johnsen Bio; Kate Michelman Bio

Check out the attendees:

Kate Michelman
Kate Michelman
Dawn Johnson
Dawn Johnson
Betty Cockrum, Crystal Struben, PP Young Leaders rep
Betty Cockrum, President and CEO of PPIN,
Crystal Struben, PPIN, and Rep from
PP Young Leaders
David Sklar, Erin Kelly and Reba Boyd
David Sklar, president of HAPA and lobbyist,
Erin Kelly, LWVIN Rep to HAPA, and Reba Boyd Wooden
Paulette Vandegriff, Lea Ellingwood, Judie Doebrman and Jill Chambers
Paulette Vandegriff, LWVIN lobbyist, Lea Ellingwood,
Judie Doebrman,and Jill Chambers, Center for Inquiry
Robin Parker-Honig
Robin Parker-Honig, vice president of HAPA

LWVGL Attends PPIN March 8 Protect Our Patients Rally, at the Indiana Statehouse!: Over 600 people from around the state rallied to object to the defunding of Planned Parenthood. The funds in question are federal funds that are distributed by the state to medical facilities. The loss of these funds would force PPIN to close needed clinics denying men, women and teens preventative care, education, screenings for HIV, cancer, STDs and more. See the excitement below.

PPIN rally
Crowds during rally
PPIN rally
Crowds during rally
PPIN rally
Crowds during rally

PPIN rally
Speaker, Betty Cockrum, CEO PPIN, and the back of
Albrecht Holschuh, LWV Bloomington and Joanne Evers, LWVGL
PPIN rally
After rally waiting to enter the Statehouse
PPIN rally
After rally in Statehouse; South Bend LWV members

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Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission visited Lafayette and was hosted by LWVGL. Approximately 40 people from the Lafayette area attended the program to learn more about gerrymandering and ways to remove partisan politics from the redistricting process in Indiana. The Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission is a joint project of AARP Indiana, Common Cause/Indiana and the League of Women Voters of Indiana. Composed of 11 members from across Indiana, the ICRC is diverse, inclusive and representative of voters in our state. The ICRC held public meetings to examine the new congressional and state legislative maps proposed by the 2011 Indiana General Assembly and encourage a public dialogue on how well the new maps fulfill public interest criteria like compactness, preserving communities of interest, protecting minority voting rights and encouraging competitive races. Comments from the public meetings will be compiled and submitted to the legislature. See participants in action below and link to the J&C article.

Julia Vaughn
Julia Vaughn, Common Cause Indiana
Paulette Vandegriff
Paulette Vandegriff, LWVIN lobbyist
Bill Ruppel Bill Ruppel
Bill Ruppel and other Commission members discuss newly released districts from the State Senate

Constitution Day at Purdue. LWVGL celebrated Constitution Day, September 19, 2011 at Purdue joining the J. F Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship. This annual event usually held at the Purdue Memorial Union provides information, quizzes and competition on knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, adopted September 17, 1787. The League provides voter registration and its official's directory for the public while sharing its vision for citizen participation in government. Join us next year!

The Ackerman Center located at the Beering Hall of Liberal Arts and Education, Room 4115 is a resource for all ages. Check it out.

Registering voters at Purdue
LWVGL display table
Registering voters at Purdue
Joanne Evers and Donna Giroux greet visitors and register voters

This Is Your Community Lunch Series: This Is Your Community brown bag lunches are held monthly from noon to 1pm on the third Thursday of the month at the Unitarian Universalist Church in West Lafayette. Informative presentations on a variety of topics are given by community leaders. This is a great opportunity to meet League members.

April 2011, KD Benson, Vice President of LWVGL introducing Marty Sennett, General Manger of the Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation, AKA, City Bus
KD Benson with Marty Sennett of GLPTC, aka City Bus

Membership/Leadership Training Workshop. LWVIN under the direction of LWVUS held a training workshop in the Greater Lafayette Area for surrounding local Leagues. Those in attendance included representatives from Muncie-Delaware County, Cass County, South Bend Area, Montgomery County and Greater Lafayette. The Workshop focused on membership and leadership development to maintain the strength and commitment of the League. Trainers included Gail Pebworth and Kimber Sorenson-Brugh, LWVIN board members. Thanks to all and especially to the West Lafayette Public Library for having us.

Leadership Workshop
Getting to know each other
Leadership Workshop
Learning new strategies
Leadership Workshop
Left to right sitting - Joanne Evers, Greater Lafayette; Kimber Sorenson-Brugh, South Bend Area; Gail Pebworth, Montgomery County
Left to right standing - Barb Reed, Cass County; Bea Sousa, Muncie-Delaware County; Dee Naylor, Muncie-Delaware County; Kathy Anthrop-Bowman, Greater Lafayette; Betty Doversberger, Greater Lafayette; KD Benson, Greater Lafayette; Elizabeth McQuinn, Cass County

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Meet and Greet the Candidates.LWVGL held its first Meet and Greet the Candidates for the municipal elections for Lafayette and West Lafayette on Oct. 5 and 6, 2011 respectively. The Candidates were all present to meet the voters and address questions and concerns. Voters had an opportunity to speak directly to the candidates to assist them in making an informed decision on Election Day. Thanks to all the candidates and the voters for making these events successful.

Lafayette Municipal Candidates and Voters at Ivy Tech Lafayette, Creasy Lane, Oct. 5, 2011

Meet and Greet Lafayette
Meet and Greet Lafayette
Meet and Greet Lafayette
Meet and Greet Lafayette
Meet and Greet Lafayette
Meet and Greet Lafayette

West Lafayette Municipal Candidates and Voters at Morton Community Center, Oct. 6. 2011

Meet and Greet West Lafayette
Meet and Greet West Lafayette
Meet and Greet West Lafayette
Meet and Greet West Lafayette
Meet and Greet West Lafayette
Meet and Greet West Lafayette
Meet and Greet West Lafayette
Meet and Greet West Lafayette
Meet and Greet West Lafayette
Meet and Greet West Lafayette

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2011 LWVIN Northern Regional Workshop. LWVGL members attended the 2011 Regional Workshop on August 20th at the new Ivy Tech facility in Logansport, IN. The LWV of Cass County welcomed us in style and our own Linda Cohen won the door prize of a tea set celebrating women's right to vote. Way to go Linda! Topics at the workshop included: using social media, candidate forum planning tips, and membership and leadership development. The guest speaker was Dr. Victor Smith, retired educator currently working for the Indiana Coalition for Public Education. The group also discussed some long range planning for the LWVIN board. The future is bright and beat goes on. (Apologies for the poor quality of pictures - there were technical difficulties with the developing.)

Members with Stat Liaison
LWVGL members with State Liaison
Standing + Betty Doversberger, Gail Pebworth, Linda Cohen, KD Benson
Sitting - Joanne Evers, Donna Giroux
Members at work
Busy at work
Sharon Schafer, Elkhart Area; Donna Giroux, LWVGL; Janet Ingram, Cass County
Social Media Session
Social Media Session
Kathy Brown, Montgomery County; KD Benson, LWVGL; Ruby Palmer, Cass County; Patty Weitzel, Howard County
Long time friends
Long time friends
Linda Cohen, LWVGL and Gail Pebworth, Montgomery County

LWVGL 2011 Annual meeting. The LWVGL Annual meeting was held at Jane's Deli. Good food and good company was shared by all. (See pictures below). Last year's Management Team was given a big thank you for their service and efforts in making 2010-2011 a successful year. Our Fifty year members were recognized and congratulations was bestowed upon those leaders stepping forward for service in the 2011-12 year.

Work was accomplished on revising the bylaws and approving the program for 2011-12. The members agreed that the waste management and the domestic violence positions need to be updated and rewritten. Committees are forming to work on these issues. Let us hear from you, we need volunteers to make these updates. Be sure to check the members only page for updated copies of the bylaws and the program planning.

Getting settled
Dinner at Jane's Deli; members getting settled
Betty Doversberger
Betty Doversberger reviews LWVIN Activities
Sue Scholer and Donna Giroux
Sue Scholer, convener and Donna Giroux, parliamentarian
KD Benson
KD Benson, reviews the past years events and accomplishments
Sandy Grant, LWVIN Liaison to LWVGL
Sandy Grant, LWVIN Liaison to LWVGL, praises our progress
Sherry McLauchlan
Sherry McLauchlan reviews the financial status of LWVGL
Jean Andres
Jean Andres reports on the local government study and observer corps
2010-2011 LWVGL Board members
Sue Scholer, Betty Doversberger, KD Benson, Linda Cohen praised for their service in 2010-11. Missing include Kathy Dale, Peg Dunkle, Melanie Lucroy, Mida Grover, JoAnn Mullen
LWVGL 50 year members
Congratulations to our 50 year members! Ginny Webb, Joan Lohmann, Lillian Cote, and Ruth Dowden with convener Sue Scholer; missing from the photo is Sonya Margerum

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LWVIN 2011 State Convention May 14 and 15. League members from all over the state including three LWVGL members (Betty Doversberger, Deb Schwarte, and Joanne Evers) attended the convention held in South Bend Indiana. It was an exciting convention with members learning from each other and volunteering for work on state positions including Redistricting, General Assistance and School Finance. Guest speakers included Elizabeth Bennion, professor of political science at IUSB. Dr. Bennion reminded us of our roots in the suffrage movement and how the challenges have grown from voter rights to equal rights. Pat Donath, LWVUS board member and national liaison to LWVIN, spoke on Non-Partisan and Elections in a new Era. Judge Jenny Manier (St. Joseph County Superior Court) illustrated the relationship between voting, democracy and community. Sarah Stewart, RN, MSN is president and executive director of Unity Gardens, Inc. in South Bend. The Unity Gardens include multiple gardens across the South Bend area where vegetables are grown for common use by the public. Workshops provided discussion on health care, fundraising, voter centers, advocacy, managing the Leagues finances and more.

Below are a few hightlights.

Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science Professor, IUSB
Elizabeth Bennion, Political Science Professor, IUSB
Gail Pebworth, LWV Montgomery County and LWVIN board member and Pat Donath, LWVIN National Liaison
Gail Pebworth, LWV Montgomery County and LWVIN board member and Pat Donath, LWVIN National Liaison
Sara Stewart, Unity Gardens President
Sara Stewart, Unity Gardens President
Lorraine Jensen, LWV Hamilton County and LWVIN Treasurer
Lorraine Jensen, LWV Hamilton County and LWVIN Treasurer
2011-2012 LWVIN Board
2011-2012 LWVIN Board from left to right; Kimber Sorenson-Brugh, LWV South Bend Area; Gail Pebworth, LWV Montgomery County; Betty Doversberger LWV of Greater Lafayette; Sandy Grant, LWV Howard County; Dee Naylor, LWV Muncie; Linda Shanks, LWV Bloomington-Monroe County; Carrie Sosbe, LWV Montgomery County; Albrecht Holschuh, LWV Bloomington-Monroe County; Lorraine Jensen, LWV Hamilton County; Susanne Gaudin, LWV Brown County; Karen Kay Leonard, LWV Indianapolis and president of state board. Missing from the picture include Amy Olson, LWV Indianapolis; Shannon O'Toole, Knox County; Barb Phelps, LWV South Bend Area.

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Legislative Breakfast: The Legislative Breakfast is held each year in Jan or Feb. This event is open to the public, and is an opportune time to hear from local legislators.

April 21, 2011 - LWVGL Legislative Breakfast
LWVGL members oversee breakfast
Left to right: Jean Andres and Betty Doversberger, question sorters; Sue Scholer with introductions and Liz Solberg, moderator.
Representative Tim Brown
Representative Tim Brown, District 27
Representative Sheila Klinker
Representative Shelia Klinker, District 27

Rae Schnapp talking with Sheila Klinker
Constituent Rae Schnapp talking with Representative Klinker.
Peg Dunkle talking with Tim Brown
Constituent Peg Dunkle talking with Representative Brown

LWVGL attends Presidents Day Workshop hosted by LWV of Indiana on February 19, 2011 in Indianapolis!: Betty Doversberger, KD Benson and Joanne Evers represented LWVGL, attended workshops on membership development, finance drives and sponsoring candidate debates. State Senator Tallian, District 4, enlightened the participants on the process of redistricting. Paulette Vandegriff reviewed the action in the State Legislature and advocacy strategies. Betty shared results from the vote center survey she coordinated in Tippecanoe County and Joanne shared a legislative update on reproductive rights in the General Assembly. Of course we sang Happy Birthday to LWV!

President's Day
Gail Pebworth LWVIN VP and
Senator Tallian
President's Day
Paulette Vandegriff, LWVIN
Legislative Coordinator
President's Day
Betty Doversberger, LWVGL
Voter Center Survey review
President's Day
KD Benson, Betty Doversberger, Sandy
Grant (LWVIN liaison LWVGL), Joanne Evers

"Making Democracy Work" Award: On September 17, 2008, the League of Women Voters of Greater Lafayette honored Annette Goben with the inaugural Making Democracy Work Award. More than 45 people attended the event, which celebrated Goben's efforts in establishing Imagination Station.

Candidate Forum for State Legislature: On Monday, Sept 15,2008 the League partnered with WALLA to present a Candidate Forum at Morton Community Center in West Lafayette. Approximately 150 people attended this highly successful event, which generated interesting discussions from our local candidates about important issues. The event was standing room only, with many attendees in the balcony. and even the balcony (from which the photo below was taken).

Candidates Forum Sept 2008
Packed State Legislature Forum on Sept 16, 2008

Non-Partisan Voter Information: The League helps citizens make democracy work by becoming informed about candidates and issues, and by casting their vote. The League is also active in election reform to make sure that the process is transparent, fair, and accessible to all citizens.

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