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Annual Meeting - LWVGL


The 2016 Annual Meeting was held at the YWCA on May 17, 2016. Forty two members were in attendance and a good time was had by all as well as accomplishing the annual business. Thanks to Nancy Clement and her planning team for a great venue, meal (catered by Arni's) and a slide show of the League's annual accomplishments. The night was highlighted with the announcement of a total of 139 members. Congratulations to the membership committee and to all the members who reached out to neighbors and friends to join the League.

Greeters extraordinaire

Display of City and County Proclamations in celebration of the Leagues 95th Anniversary

Wine and cheese reception

Nancy Clement welcoming the League

Enjoying a great dinner, meeting new friends and catching up with others

Teena Flook, business executive opening the meeting

Donna Giroux announcing the slate for 2016-17 FY

Joanne Evers reviewing the proposed changes to the by-laws and policies

Erica Karrfalt reporting on membership success and recognizing the three 50 year members present at the meeting (Cathy Potter, Ruth Dowden, and Ginny Web

More Faces of the League:

Ruth Dowden

Ginny Webb

Sherry McLachlan

Cathy Potter

Sally Fahey

Jean Andres

Monie Krueger

Gretchen Bertolet

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