Making Democracy Work

Reports of Interest - Economics and Social Justice

Our Aging Caring Nation: National Partnership for Women and Families

WorkSickOrLosePay Work Sick or Lose Pay

HighRoadMinimumWageSeattle The 'High Road' Seattle market: Effects of the Minimum Wage Increase

Is2PercentTooLow Is 2 Percent Too Low?

The 50-State Small Business Regulation Index

High Quality Child Care is Out of Reach for Working Families

Closing the Pay Gap and Beyond

Child Care Workers Not Paid Enough

The Arbitration Epidemic: Mandatory arbitration deprives workers and consumers of their rights

Trans-Pacific Partnership, currency manipulation, trade, and jobs

Caregivers in the Workplace - Family Responsibilities Discrimination Litigation Update 2016

Overtime Pay Regulations in the Fair Labor Standards Act: Likely Impact on Nonprofit Employment

Expecting Better: A State-by-State Analysis of Laws That Help Expecting and New Parents

Why is recovery taking so long--and who's to blame?

The Simple Truth About The Gender Pay Gap

Financing recovery and fairness by going where the money is

The Fight for Pay Equity: A Federal Road Map

Parents and the High Cost of Child Care

Parents and the High Cost of Child Care - Appendices

Still falling short on hours and pay - Part-time work becoming new normal

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would cost jobs in every state

Right-To-Work States Still Have Lower Wages

Temporary foreign workers by the numbers - New estimates by visa classification

The State of American Wages 2016 - Lower unemployment finally helps working people make up some lost ground on wages

Analysis: The Islamophobic Administration

On The Road: Exploring Economic Security Pathways in Indiana

In Their Own Words: Working People and the Need for Policies that Provide Economic Security

The zombie robot argument lurches on - There is no evidence that automation leads to joblessness or inequality

Public Loss Private Gain: How School Voucher Tax Shelters Undermine Public Education

The Arbitration Epidemic: Mandatory arbitration deprives workers and consumers of their rights

Study claiming right-to-work in West Virginia will create job growth is fundamentally flawed

We Cann Afford a $12.00 Federal Minimum Wage

A young person's guide to Social Security

Balancing paychecks and public assistance - How higher wages would strengthen what government can do

The State of American Retirement - How 401(k)s have failed most American workers

How Driver's License Suspension Policies in Indiana Impede Self-Sufficiency, Burden State Government & Tax Public Resources

Women have made the difference for family economic security

Raising Baltimore's minimum wage to $15 by July 2020 would lift wages for 98,000 working people

Raising the D.C. minimum wage to $15 by 2020 would lift wages for 114,000 working people

A financial transaction tax would help ensure Wall Street works for Main Street

Making the Federal Reserve Fully Public: Why and How

Union decline lowers wages of nonunion workers - The overlooked reason why wages are stuck and inequality is growing

Black workers' wages have been harmed by both widening racial wage gaps and the widening productivity-pay gap

Equal Pay Laws by State

Unequal public-sector pay in Connecticut? Yes--taxpayers are getting a bargain!

Employment fell because of the Great Recession, not the minimum wage

A public investment agenda that delivers the goods for American workers needs to be long-lived, broad, and subject to democratic oversight

Paid Family & Medical Leave - Policy Analysis and Recommendations for Indiana

A real agenda for working people-What Trump Should Do

Growth in U.S.-China trade deficit between 2001 and 2015 cost 3.4 million jobs

Puzder's anti-worker positions disqualify him from serving as labor secretary

H-1B visa needs reform to make it fairer to migrant and American workers

Deeper In Debt - Women And Student Loans

17 Reasons to Raise Indiana's Minimum Wage in 2017

The Class of 2017

Here is what's at stake with the conflict of interest ('fiduciary') rule

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