Making Democracy Work

Reports of Interest - Health Care and Reproductive Justice

What's Your Plan C When You Can't Get Plan B: NPCMF EC Report

Long Term Servies: Detailed Findings by Dimension

Long Term Services and Supports: State Scorecard 2017

Long Term Services 4 Glossary

Unintended Pregnancy Rates at the State Level: Estimates for 2010 and Trends Since 2002

Replacing Myth with Fact: Sex-Selective Abortion Laws in the United States

2016 State Well-Being Rankings

State of American Well-Being - 2016 Community Well-Being Rankings

State Of Birth Control Coverage: Health plan violations of the affordable care act

State Of Women's Coverage: Health plan violations of the affordable care act

The Status of Women in the States: 2015 Reproductive Rights

Indiana State Profile on Sexuality Information and Education-2014

Get The Facts On Paid Sick Time

Center for Reproductive Rights Year End Report

State of American Well-Being - 2015 Community Ranks for Incidence of Heart Attack

Tippecanoe County - Community Health Needs Assessment - Key to a healthy and vibrant community

2016 National Clinic Violence Survey

Pregnant and Parenting Students - Supporting Academic Success Through Title IX

State Governments Should Help Preserve and Improve Family Planning Under Medicaid

State Of American Well-Being: 2014 Obesity Rankings

The Status of Women in the States: 2015 Health & Well-Being

State of Global Well-Being - 2014 Country Well-Being Rankings

State of Well Being Rankings for Older Americans

Cost/Benefit Assessment of Publicly Funded Family Planning Program (Title X)

Indiana specific information here

Adding it up: Cost/Benefits of Investing in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Fact Sheet: Induced Abortions in the United States

State of Indiana Well-Being - 2013 State, Community and Congressional district Analysis

Gallup State of American Well Being - Heart Attacks

State of American Well-Being: Active Living Environment in U.S. Communities

State of American Well-Being: 2015 State & Community Rankings for Incidence of Diabetes

Understanding Planned Parenthood's Critical Role in the Nation's Family Planning Safety Net

Recent Funding Restrictions on the U.S. Family Planning Safety Net May Foreshadow What Is to Come

In Free Fall: Reproductive Health and Rights in America

State of American Well-Being - 2016 Community Rankings for Healthy Eating

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