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Reports of Interest on VOTING AND ELECTIONS

Pocket Constitution

Access Denied - Barriers to Online Voter Registration for Citizens with Disabilities

America goes to the polls: A report on voter turnout in the 2014 midterm election

Estimating Voter Registration Deadline Effects with Web Search Data

The Right to Vote: Is the Amendment Game Worth the Candle?

Straight ticket voting in Texas 1998-2010

The Truth about Voter Fraud

The Case for Voter Registration Modernization

The State of Voting in 2014

The Future of Voting - Nontechnical Report 2015

The Future of Voting - Full report

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States With New Voting Restrictions Since 2010 Election

America's Voting Machines At Risk

Voter Registration in a Digital Age: 2015 Update

Managing Polling Place Resources

Election Integrity: A Pro-voter Agenda

An Analysis of Factors that Result in Vote Denial for American Indian Voters Living on Reservations in Montana

Why is it so Hard to Vote in America? And What We Can Do to Fix it.

The New Realities of Voting by Mail in 2016

It's My Vote - I Will Be Heard

Florida: An Outlier In Voting Rights

America goes to the polls 2016 - A Report on Voter Turnout in the 2016 Election

The Diversifying Electorate - Voting Rates by Race and Hispanic Origin in 2012 (and Other Recent Elections)

Online Voter Registration - Trends in development and implementation

Survey Summary: State Online Voter Registration Systems, 2015

Do the Facts of Voting Rights Support Chief Justice Roberts's Opinion in Shelby County?

The American Voting Experience: Report and Recommendations of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration-2014

States With New Voting Restrictions Since 2010 Election

The 2014 EAC Election Administration and Voting Survey Comprehensive Report

Felony Disenfranchisement Laws in the United States

Felony Disenfranchisement: A Primer

Who Votes? Congressional Elections and the American Electorate: 1978+2014

Summary of New Laws: 119th Indiana General Assembly 2015

Election Mail Opportunities - USPS Audit 2015

Voter Registration among Young People in Midterm Elections

Electing the President: A Guide to the Election Process

The Case for Voter Registration Modernization in 2015

The Truth About Voter Fraud

Engaging New Voters: The Impact of Nonprofit Voter Outreach on Client and Community Turnout

Five to Four: Effects of a Divided Supreme Court

>Voter Engagement Toolkit: A Nonpartisan Guide for 501(c)(3) Organizations

Latino Voters at Risk: Assessing the Impact of Restrictive Voting Changes In Election 2016

Congressional Voting Record of the 114th Congress

On Voting Accessibility For People With Disabilities

The Electoral College: Getting To 270

National Voter Registration Day-2016 Report

Make Democracy Count: Ending Partisan Gerrymander

The Business of Voting - Market Structure and Innovation in the Election Technology Industry

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