Making Democracy Work

State Convention - LWVIN

LWVIN CONVENTION - April 29-30 2017 hosted by LWV South Bend Area

The convention was well attended with 19 out of 21 local Leagues and 1 MAL unit represented. The total voting delegates numbered 62 with an additional 11 observers including Henrietta Saunders the LWVUS treasurer and Indiana liaison. LWVGL delegates to the convention included Gretchen Bertolet, Margaret Brender, Chris Campbell, Ellen Dran, Joanne Evers, Joyce Field, Patsy Hoyer, Deanna McMillan, Corrina Than, and Ginny Webb.

A number of decisions were made regarding the LWVIN 501(c)3 conversion including by-law changes and changes to the Articles of Incorporation. Erin Kelly explained the conversion process and will continue to be a resource for local Leagues who choose to also make this conversion.

Three presentations were made throughout the weekend including: `Civic Leaders are MADE not Born' by Dr. Elizabeth Bennion, IU South Bend-Political Science; `2017 Indiana General Assembly Legislative Update' by Rep. Ryan Dvorak, Indiana District 8; and `Women, Race and Justice' by Dr. Darryl Heller, Director for Student and Community Engagement at the Civil Rights Heritage Center. All presentations were informative and enlightening.

The weekend also provided two workshops: 1. To Partner or Not to Partner discussed considerations on how and who to partner with on various projects in your community 2. Making Democracy Work in your Community: Resources and Ideas provided multiple ideas on implementing the core program of strengthening Democracy in local communities. Time was also allotted for the 100th Anniversary Planning with small group discussions which generated exciting ways to mark this special occasion across the State of Indiana.

Elections were held for the 2017-2019 cycle. Newly elected include: Co-presidents Patsy Hoyer (Greater Lafayette) and Oscar Anderson (Montgomery County); 1st Vice President Barb Schilling (Calumet Area); Treasurer John Hagen (South Bend Area); Directors Deb Lawrence ( Indianapolis), Lisa Marchal (Indianapolis),and Kimber Sorenson-Brugh (South Bend Area); Nominating Committee Janet Ingram, chair (Indianapolis), JoAnn Engquist (LaPorte County), and Julie Winn (Brown County).

The League is indebted to Erin Kelly and Lisa Plencner for their leadership of LWVIN board. Their focus on advocacy and communication has strengthened the local Leagues. Their leadership in the 501(c)3 conversion will streamline the financial processes of local Leagues for years to come. A special thank you goes to Debbie Asberry for her leadership on the redistricting partnerships with Common Cause. The fight is not over yet but we are postiononed to make progress in the 2018 General Assembly.

Geri Pawelski, Pres of South Bend Area, welcoming all to convention; Erin Kelly and Lisa Plencner out going co-presidents of LWVIN Board

Indiana Representative Ryan Dvorak, District 8

Dr. Darryl Heller

LWVGL Delegates and LWVUS Representative, l to r, Joanne Evers, Gretchen Bertolet, Chris Campbell, Corrina Than, Ginny Webb, Patsy Hoyer, Joyce Field, Deanna McMillan, Margaret Brender, Henrietta Saunders (LWVUS), not pictured Ellen Dran

LWVGL past and current presidents of LWVIN board; Ginny Webb, (1975-77), Patsy Hoyer (2017-), Joanne Evers, 2006-09), Fern Weber (1962-63) deceased


Dr. Elizabeth Bennion, Lunch speaker

Celebrating the peaceful transition of leadership at the end of the convention: Erin Kelly and Lisa Plencner, outgoing co-presidents and Oscar Anderson and Patsy Hoyer